Attention, Redding shoppers: You may no longer shoot up in the restrooms at Winco.  “Blue lights” have been installed inside the bathrooms there so that you cannot see your veins. Please shoot up your heroin somewhere else. Thank you…

That’s what it’s come to now folks. It seems the junkies in Redding will lock themselves inside the stalls at night to shoot up heroin before passing out on the floor, leaving Winco employees to deal with this problem. Well enough is enough.

It was the French who came up with this clever solution. And France today is quickly becoming the “blue light country” of the EU. We can only hope that Holiday in Weaverville does not adopt this very same policy. Or, where will we go?

This is what happens when law enforcement in small communities like Lewiston and Weaverville fail to enforce the laws. This is what happens when law enforcement fails to stop heroin sales in our communities for decades. This is what happens when people stop caring. We’ve got a lot of democrat junkies here folks.

Can’t imagine where all this heroin is coming from. Those dealers are a sneaky bunch. Where can they be?

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