I think I am going to have to agree to disagree on Mr. Waterhouse’s statement that Mr. Trump is a pathological liar because what you have used to support your statement has not convinced me otherwise.

It is true that Mr. Trump won the 2020 Presidential Election. The report from the forensic audit of Maricopa County in Arizona should be released in the next two weeks. Other states like Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and others will be following Arizona’s lead on presenting the facts by conducting forensic audits of their own.

I encourage everyone to watch the Cyber Symposium on frankspeech.com to hear the facts of the dishonesty that took place with the machines used in every single state.

The election is not over, I will not get over it and instead I will continue to fight for fair and honest elections for your children and mine.

God Bless America.

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Trinity Bob

Dear Ms. Fleener,

Yes, God bless America.

I acknowledge that you believe Mr. Trump won the 2020 election, which you state as fact, yet the report you think will “prove” this still has not been released and is months overdue. I’m sure you also could have made yourself aware of all the breaches of security and chain of custody issues involved by using a firm with absolutely no election audit experience if you had chosen to.

Remember when Mr. Trump demanded that all votes not counted by the end of Election Day should not be counted at all because they represented “fraud”? That was a nationwide count, yet here we are, months and months after this so-called audit of just one single county in Arizona, and neither he nor you find this long recounting time period to similarly be a problem. Why is that?

I’ll tell you what is the fraud. It’s the folks still promoting the idea that Mr. Trump won.

God bless America.

Truth First

Isn't it interesting, Julie, how some people have issues with matters like "chain of custody" and "security breaches" when it comes to making sure votes are counted properly, but aired no such concerns about these matters on election night? How suspicious.

When six of the key swing states that DJT won in '16 all stopped counting ballots at the exact same time that evening—at a point when 45 was clearly winning in every one of those states (and the pallets of mystery ballots started showing up), totally unprecedented for a presidential election in our country—and it doesn't even raise an eyebrow among these folks, that's when you know you're dealing with children.

We grown ups understand that the totally legal recounts and fully justified audits have taken so long largely due to the stonewalling and legal maneuverings by Dem lawyers that have delayed the process. Sad that a party once dedicated to preserving the sanctity of the vote is now the one trying to stop the vote.

May God forgive them (because We never will!).

Trinity Bob

Dear TF,

Have you ever considered even the extremely remote possibility that you might be wrong about something? Anything? I must commend you for constructing such a tight, all-encompassing reality that nothing and no one can penetrate if the idea might perchance disrupt your worldview.

I realize that it might be scary for you to imagine that even just one little thing might be true that you disbelieve. Your whole world could come crashing down, and that would be frightening.

Please know that I am not writing my comments for you anymore. You’ve built an impenetrable world around you, or so it seems, thus I realize it’s a hopeless effort to try to convince you of anything. I’m writing so that others can compare your deeply held but wrong ideas and your insulting name-calling with some commonsense reasoning and decide for themselves what is the best course for them.

I sincerely do wish you well.

Truth First

“Well, golly gee. Illegal immigrants can't possibly be flooding our border because we still have Border Patrol agents on duty down there. I mean, gosh.”

“Boy howdy. If China is sharing their death and sickness rates with with the rest of the world, then they must surely be telling the truth, whole truth and nothing but, just like they always have. I'm so sure.”

“My goodness gracious. Election shenanigans are for third world countries and stuff; such a thing could never happen here. For crying out loud.”

NOTE: Naivete with kids can be an adorable trait. In adults, it just looks pathetic. Grow some cajones, get a dose of cynicism and start seeing the world with a clearer eye and be more circumspect, everyone...Sadly, a lot of you will never listen.

Trinity Bob

I do believe, TF, that if Jesus Christ himself came down and proclaimed that Trump lost and Biden won, fair and square, you'd say he was a g-d liar.

Truth First

Gullibility is a more rapacious pandemic than the China Virus. Partly because only one of those things is "novel."

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