Our quiet little rural neighborhood is never going to be the same. My husband and I were working in our yard and could hear the rapid gunfire across the street, later the sirens and then the Sheriff’s deputies.

The person shot made it down to the Burnt Ranch Elementary School where workers there held his guts in place until the ambulance arrived .... School went on lock-down ... another cannabis-related shooting, this time on our street.

When will the county planners realize this industry does not belong in a rural residential area with a grade school?

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Michael Snyder

This commentary is not in alignment with the facts as reported on page one of this publication. In fact there is no mention of cannabis in the report. Yet here we have yet another fear monger publishing an overdramatized version of events to further an unrelated agenda.
For the record, people holding their guts in place as they await paramedics are generally not treated and released as was the victim in this incident.
Perhaps real gun control is what's needed to prevent temper tantrum shootings like this one.

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