In the Sept. 1 issue of The Trinity Journal, Julie Fleener tried to rebut my previous letter. She made some statements that are blatantly incorrect as proven by the true facts of our fair and open election of 2020.

To begin with, she refutes my statement that Mr. Donald Trump is a pathological liar. The fact that he produced over 33,000 lies of various sorts have been proven by “FACT CHECK” does not make a difference or that his own family says he is.

One of the statements he made was that COVID was created to “steal the election.” Another nutty thing she said was “There was lots of love shown by the people” attacking our Congress. These people sure had a funny way of showing their “LOVE!” They assaulted the Capitol police, attacked the houses of government, and tried to go after congress people. They even were wanting to hang their own vice president. They sure had a warped way to show “LOTS OF LOVE.”

It is not “TRUE” that Trump won the election. Joe Biden won and has been in office for nine months now.

As for your comments about election result audits, there has been many recounts in states that you mention such as Georgia and Michigan. Some places have recounted the votes as many as three times. Result — no fraud!

Wake up and “smell the roses!” The election has been over for almost a year. You are just doing a lot of misinformed dreaming!

Yes! And God save our democracy from the attacks of the “Radical Republican Right.”

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Truth First

The examples cited here are not “lies”, as attributed to King Don, but opinions; they cannot be proven or disproven. A grade schooler understands the difference.

This just illustrates the mentality of the leftists these days: Nothing but blind hatred for the Jobs President. All of them so uninformed, and proudly so.

Folks, vote with your brains and not your emotions, mm' kay? (Then, pray those votes get properly counted!)

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