Et tu Trinity Journal? I was disgusted by your editorial cartoon of Oct. 27 demonizing Dr. Fauci.

Far right media has been doing this for some time now and it’s sad to see you join the loons and crazies on the far right.

Dr. Fauci is the world’s leading pandemic authority, having helped end an Ebola epidemic and develop a vaccine for Ebola and helped ease the AIDS epidemic and develop therapies for AIDS. He should be celebrated, not demonized.

Currently Dr. Fauci and his family are enduring threats of violence on a daily basis.

Cartoons like the one you ran will encourage more hate and violent threats. You bear some responsibility for the tenor of debate when run content like this cartoon. Shame on you.

Also, shame on those protesting vaccine mandates.

How many childhood diseases have been eliminated with vaccines? Chicken pox (Washington mandated the troops be vaccinated for it), measles, whopping cough, Polio and so many more.

The Supreme Court has consistently found mandates constitutional. Quit sniveling and get those kids vaccinated.

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Truth First

You may be okay with a prominent scientist lying to you repeatedly, but some of us are certainly not fine with that. Fauci is going down. He is a hero to no one with any degree of critical thinking skills. He's a prime member of a regime that is killing people, along with Gates, Tuner et al.

Those old vaccines you cite have been around for decades; they're tried and true treatments against chicken pox, Polio, measles, etc. The so-called "vaccines" they're mandating for the Fauci Virus are not even a year old. Many deaths have been reported from them already, almost none of which have been covered by the mainstream news media. Do your own research to learn the truth. It's heavily suppressed, but it is out there.

Stop blindly accepting anything spoon fed to you by the regime, everyone. Their days are numbered, but only with eternal vigilance and focused resistance from We The People. #mandatesareevil

Trinity Bob

Enough of your blathering lies, TF. We're still waiting for you to provide us with YOUR epidemiologist credentials.

You are a master of criticizing others, yet you OFFER NOTHING worthwhile—just noisy, empty, distracting horn-tooting.

You ARE loud, I'll grant you that, but to any reasonable person, your braying is just noise.

Trinity Bob

Dear TF,

Please take a moment to read even the first part of the first page of key findings in this report from the Texas Dept. of State Health Services. Texas, may I remind you, is hardly a bastion of liberal thinkers.

• Unvaccinated people were 13 times more likely to become infected with COVID-19 than fully vaccinated people.

• Unvaccinated people were 20 times more likely to experience COVID-19-associated

death than fully vaccinated people.

Truth First

Furthermore, Pete, Fauci is not the prophet Mohammed. He's under no threats posed by a cartoon lol. What next, death orders from on high targeting the artist? South Park, remember?

Fauci is a buffoon. And, he's a multi-millionaire who lives in a mansion/gated community and protected by a round the clock security detail. He and his evil family are under no threat from outsiders, so knock off the sympathy ploy.

Be careful who you choose to lionize in this day and age. Lots of false prophets out there, and it's easy to get ensnared in their snake oil pitch. Just ask Obama voters who're developing grave regrets (which is soon to be most of them).


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