I am disgusted by the direction our big town Weaverville has/is taking. I loved Weaverville because she was a small, cohesive town, with character. In the past few years it has taken a foul turn.

Dollar General, O’Reilly Auto, Redwood Gas (mega lights), Valero and now soon-to-be Grocery Outlet and a stoplight. We’ve arrived at — EVERYTOWN across the United States — Ugly, blah, boring, bright lighted, parking lotted, junk architecture, yuck! Has everyone here lost their sense of unique, different, interesting, special, beautiful lovely country?

The comet that Tony Reed captured for The Trinity Journal will soon be light polluted out of our sight. The night sky will be a dull gray with few if any stars. But by God, we will have “In God We Trust” in the supervisors’ chamber. Oh yeah!

Jeeese, I am glad I am getting old and won’t have to see much more of this MUCK. COVID, come take me away!

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