To the Editor:

It is about time we recognized the true heroes of the Republican Party. They are not the dopey louts who rampaged through our nation’s capital and the moral cowards who still cover for them. They are not the ranting demagogues exploiting the emotions of the resentful.

They were the unsung people not seeking attention, but doing their jobs: from poll workers to police officers. They were Republican state legislators and governors who did not bend to pressure to overturn the elections in their state. They were Republican judges who did not allow mere allegations unsupported by credible evidence to deny votes that happened.

They were a vice president who stayed loyal to the Constitution and the rule of law above any man. They were Republican congressional representatives and senators who did not fear to try and hold their own president accountable, and dared to stand on their conscience instead of following the majority in their party. They did not win. But they showed more bravery than the majority in their party who did.

It is Republicans like those who could save the soul of the party from being lost to a band of fascists, if they find the nerve to do so.

My father was a lifelong Republican who served in the U.S. Navy during World War II. After the sacrifices that generation made to defeat fascism, I’m glad he was not alive to see his party dishonored by America’s Mussolini.

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Truth First

Liz Cheney's dad is a shameless warmonger with a lot of blood on his hands. Mitt Romney wears holy underpants. Adam Kinzinger is probably crying as we speak.

If the GOP doesn't ditch these spineless flakes, and all the other candyass RINOs once and for all, their party will die just as swiftly as the Dems have been dying since Obama failed to live up to his promises and let the country down in epic fashion.

Either get on board the Trumpism Express NOW or be pulled from the train tracks in bloody pieces and body bagged by the coroner later. #liberalsforTrump

Megan Killeen

Someone should really report you for the violence in your rhetoric. Also... are you unaware that hashtags don’t work on websites other than social media? Perhaps it’s just your age and the learning curve of technology, but I thought I’d mention that your silly hashtags don’t do anything on this website... and they won’t link people anywhere, either. So good luck, bud.

Truth First

Sigh. Some people will never learn.

These tags actually have a secondary purpose, one that's fully applicable outside of social(ism) media. Namely, they tend to get attention and to stimulate commentary. Some people just aren't sharp enough, I guess, to realize that they've just validated that very point. Even the most self-involved millennials should be able...oh, never mind.

Some people need to just stick to copy/pasting esoteric gobbledygook from green internet websites and leave the stellar communication skills to logic-oriented professionals like yours truly.

What some people see as rhetorical “violence” might be nothing more than the ambition required to make America great again. We'll get there. Again.

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