Princeton Physicist Dr. Robert Austin, one of many scientists listed in the 48-page document A Non-exhaustive List of Skeptical Declarations, Lists of Skeptics and Selected Comments, views climate alarmism as “science fraud, pure and simple.” It’s been close to 50 years of failed climate alarmism predictions, yet people still fall for that BS while disregarding the anthropogenic destruction of planet Earth and all flora and fauna upon and within it from pollution.

I’ve been harping on this ever since I saw that old commercial depicting what humanity does to the environment, the commercial ending with the Native American shedding a tear at what has happened to the land and waters. I’ve spent my life afterwards cleaning up messes from other humans -- even climbing the cliffs at the Grand Canyon to retrieve trash I saw there, finding a lake-full of floating trash in Kentucky while on vacation & scooping up as much as possible, etc. -- so I know full well it isn’t CO2 that is a problem (see but humanity’s pollution and garbage footprint that is the real problem.

People don’t want to hear about how they are contributing to the death of our planet, our only home, preferring to toss the blame onto Big Oil and the Republicans, but every human who drives a polluting vehicle or flies or boats around in polluting air-and-water craft, every person who produces garbage that overfill our dumps and elsewhere, is responsible for the death of flora & fauna species here. Solutions for the alleged climate “crisis” are nothing more than Band-Aids on an open wound and would do nothing to solve that imaginary problem (they see CO2 as a pollutant but in actuality all life thrives in a warm CO2 rich environment — THAT’s science!), which leads me to the only possible solution to the endless and ubiquitous pollution of the planet: this destructive capitalistic civilization must be stopped before it kills everything on Gaia, including the humanity which has caused the problem to begin with.

I’ll not go so far as others in declaring humanity a plague upon the Earth, though it certainly seems that way at times. I look forward to a future when what’s left of humanity and Earth must start over, hopefully learning from our mistakes of the past, and I believe this future is not as far in the future as people would like. According to Graham Hancock in his America Before book earlier this year, and quite a few scientists, “the End” may be coming as early as October/November of 2030 during the Taurid meteor shower (, when another swarm of cometary material is predicted to strike our planet, like the comet swarm that struck Jupiter in 1994 (each individual resulting explosion was greater than the size of the Earth) and the comet swarm which ended the last ice age 12,800 years ago in a global cataclysm.

People will listen to climate alarmist nonsense until they’re cyanotic, but few will pay attention to the real threat of extinction.

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Ray, I could not agree with you more about the climate change alarmists. It is not based on good science.

I too think the garbage we produce is hurting our environment far more than we realize. We all have way too much stuff and it all ends up in the landfill or worse in some beautiful canyon. I don't have an answer as to how to deal with the problem........ just live as simply as possible and pick up after yourself.

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