I lament for those people who insist that the election is not over. The election IS over. It has been proven over and over again in courts presided over by Republican and Democratic judges.

And even if Joseph Biden were to leave office for any reason, your losing candidate would not become the replacement. That term ended at noon Jan. 20, 2021. The line of succession goes to the vice president and then to the Speaker of the House. Are you trying to get Nancy Pelosi elected president?

About the Cyber Symposium — Mike Lindell failed to provide any information or proof. The guy he hired to check it out stated that there was no information.

Find another source of information that is more accurate. There has been NO PROOF of Fraud. NONE.

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Trinity Bob

Dear Kathy Smith,

Thank you for reminding us that the former president, Mr. Trump, would not become president EVEN IF any recount showed that he actually won. You provide a welcome dose of reality. Two additional points come to mind:

If a group conspired to deny Trump the election win, and if they had the ability to do so, why would they stop there? Would it not make infinitely more sense to also “steal” a big majority in the Senate and an overwhelming majority in the House so that they could get done whatever they wanted to get done? Yet they stopped after “stealing” the election from Trump? It wouldn’t make sense to not use those tools extensively if you had them.

The “proof” coming from the “audit” of Maricopa’s election results is months and months overdue. Can they not find someone with adequate creative writing skills to complete their report? And now they tell us that the report is delayed because some of the top recount officials have covid? Everyone who believes Trump won KNOWS that covid is a hoax! But maybe their covid story is just a smokescreen of code words because “the truth is just about to come out—very soon.” We’re waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

Maybe these always-Trumpers have begun to realize that if they are successful, they’ll next be complaining about President Kamala Harris. Their heads must be spinning.

Truth First

It's always a hoot to watch cult members make stuff up.

While it's usually a waste of time to respond to their buffoonish non-arguments point-by-point—simply because these children will never grow up, let alone learn anything from your dissemination of their silly claims—I just can't resist here, even if it's only for my own amusement.

The Supreme Court has the power to do a lot of things, including the overturning of elections (which has been done before by the courts). And in this case that would involve the ouster of both of the high officeholders in question. A high school civics course will teach you that.

Also, since the old battle axe is currently making her March To The Sea, you don't ever have to worry about Nancy ever assuming the presidency, so rest easy.

Lindell really hit the mark with his symposium; you'd know this if you bothered to watch it rather than rely on the laughable mainstream media analysis after the fact, which was scripted long before the event took place. What happened was, he was sabotaged by a mole from within, who set out to hijack the message and undermine Mike's research. The media ran with that story, naturally, overlooking all the earth-shattering truths that were uncovered.

The fact that no courts have yet taken a single case based on the revelations that the Pillow King provided is because no judges want the Dem-funded Antifa thugs showing up on their front porches. Truth.

Of course last year's election is far from over—it may never end, in many respects. And that's o.k., because the American People know. And they'll be righting this wrong in short order, you can be sure. Just wait for it.

In the meantime, one can't help but wonder if the new “acting” administration couldn't at least pretend that they have a single effing clue about what they're doing!? That deer in the headlights expression plastered on each of their faces—it's just not a good look, people. Would just a hint of competency be too much to ask from our cosplaying leadership? Jeez.


Trinity Bob

TF, one word: gibberish.

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