The verdict in the Rittenhouse trial was a true miscarriage of justice if there ever was one. In this case we have a young man being taken by his own mother interstate to go into a crowd of people armed with a semi-automatic rifle. This action put him and anyone around him in mortal danger.

He proceeded to kill two people and wound others. To have been exonerated of murder charges is absolutely unbelievable. What kind of justice is this for the families of those two people?

It is unbelievable what seems to be happening in our justice system these days. An example of this is how easy the people who participated in the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection are being penalized. God bless our democracy, protect us from radicalism.

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Megan Killeen

You have NO evidence the victims were pedos, you liar. And you conveniently ignore the OVERWHELMING amount of evidence that Donald J. Trump raped a thirteen year old CHILD along with a litany of other women. A serial rapist. You ignore the fact that his modeling agency was a way to lure young girls to him. You ignore that it was a front for sex trafficking. You ignore the fact that he won’t provide his tax records because all of his money is dirty and laundered in endless shell companies hiding his heinous crimes. He was friends and business partners with Jeffrey Epstein. Ghislaine Maxwell recruited girls on Mar A Lago property. You worship a child rapist and all of your information comes straight from the child/serial rapist’s mouth.

If your only source of information is a child rapist and an anonymous madman on the dark web (Q Anon) then you don’t consume information. You consume liberal bashing fantasy fiction. Also, the fact that you enjoy and revel in the deaths of people you disagree with shows how emotionally immature you are and how unworthy you are of possessing the power to determine who lives and who dies. I guess the internet is just a forum for people to openly express their mental illnesses and you lack the self-awareness needed to see how foolish people think you are when they read this drivel.

TF, why don’t you go build a shrine to the child rapist that you worship and whose every word you hang off of? That would be a good creative outlet for you.

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