I disagree with Mr. Peter Stiglich’s recent letter that America is not a systemically racist country.

African slaves were brought to our shores in 1619. By 1622 the young colony passed a law criminalizing marriage between blacks and whites. Those laws lasted until the 1970s when the Supreme Court ruled they were unconstitutional. Racism was written into the Constitution when it counted slaves as three-fifths human. African-Americans didn’t get voting rights until the 1960s.

The treatment of white ethnic groups is quite different then that of racial groups that aren’t white. Poles, Italians and Irish all experienced discrimination. But once they became citizens with the right to vote for their own representatives things got better. Minority racial groups only did better when they demanded it at the ballot box.

But all these racial groups plus Jews are still discriminated against. Currently Republican controlled states are redistricting African-American and Latino representatives out of office. Texas is an example. Texas is getting two new House of Representative members because of the increase in its population. The increase is due almost entirely an increase in the Latino population. Yet the Texas plan gives the new districts a majority white population.

They also set the new districts to decrease African-American power. Texas had two African-American representatives, but the new maps changes those two districts into only one African-American majority district. The fact that Asian-Americans and Jews do well financially doesn’t mean that racism doesn’t affect that population.

Neo-Nazi’s and fascism are on the rise in America. Charlottesville and Jan. 6 shows us that’s happening. I fear deracializing America means ignoring racism.

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Truth First

Know what else is on the rise in America? Virtue signaling by insecure leftists in desperate need for attention, as evidenced by this letter. Need more? How about the epidemic of phony White Guilt that fuels all this race-baiting BS which is only dividing us more and more? Yeah, that one seems to be growing...dare I say, “exponentially” (lol), as well. Also, there's the “news” media who've been propelling all this nonsense, knowing that so many dumb white people will keep falling for it, and because that's how their globalist overseers want us—at each others' throats.

We're divided enough, on plenty of issues that actually matter, in point of fact. And this one doesn't rank high on that list, quite frankly. So please, just ignore any and all mentions of “race” whenever and wherever it occurs in the media, or in society by and large. And, for that matter, you might as well add “climate” to that short list. (Especially in light of the fact that many of these same “science-oriented” folks who've snake-oiled us on this non-pandemic are the same ones who've been screaming about global warming for years. Clue!)

These are concepts that none of us can do much about in the here and now. They're age old problems that affect every society on the planet, and have since the beginnings of mankind, yes, but none of them are tangible in nature; we can't just go out and do our part in ending the China Virus, for instance, let alone to get a real handle on them any time soon (regardless of what the propagandists tell you), and we certainly lack the power to solve them. Period.

So going on and on in a public forum about how we need to “fight” or “work” or “sacrifice”, especially without offering specifics, is only designed to make you, the speaker/writer, look somehow virtuous. You're not. Know why? Cuz you haven't actually done a danm thing towards improved race relations in America, nor any of these other goals. It's all just hot air.

So stop it, lame white people. You're impressing no one, only winning brownie points among those already on board with your cult think. In short, you're not a true Crusader; you're Don Quixote. Grow up.

Ashli Babbitt=Crispus Attucks

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