I’ve been battling Stage 4B lung cancer for the past couple of years (I was not a smoker but, we believe, was afflicted by inhaling an ultimately lethal dose of Malathion when spraying my fruit trees a few years ago).

Two problems associated with my fight is insomnia and loss of appetite.

Steroids is a component of my chemotherapy, as well as a prescription taken in pill form at other times. Steroids are a great problem for me because of its side effect of afflicting me with extreme insomnia. Lack of sleep is devastating for a body. Prescribed sleep aids have not worked for me.

My only relief in that area has come from small dosages of cannabis (I use gummies because I cannot, and will not, inhale any smoke of any kind because of my condition).

The other problem associated with chemotherapy that I experience is the negative effect on my ability to eat, and that’s how I see it now… an ability. Being prescribed anti-nausea medications has gotten me only so far. Once again, cannabis has helped me keep up my strength by allowing me to eat.

The point of my letter is that I have to go to Redding to purchase cannabis products. My money is going out of our county. The taxes I pay are not benefitting Trinity County as they should and the money I spend on those products are not benefitting local growers.

Why is this? We have so many responsible cannabis producers in our county, why don’t we have a dispensary where they can sell their products to us locally? I understand that it takes time to set up these businesses so that they are run in a responsible way, but there must be a place which would be suitable for such a business.

I urge the Board of Supervisors to find a way of getting this done in a timely fashion so we can buy locally to help both our county and responsible cannabis businesses.

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Truth First

And I would urge you to kindly get over it.

Dispensaries in a county this small, and this poor, would further harm property values here, to name one of myriad problems. Let Shasta have that burden; let them go down with that stinking ship.

Our region's reputation as a green haven has led to nothing but trouble for our law-abiding residents. The pot heads love it to death, naturally. So do the illegal growers, most from out-of-county, whose profits have not been hurt at all, but have only grown, since legalization. So much for the notion that decriminalizing pot will eliminate the criminal element. Liars. And once again, property owners in the north state are the ones paying the price for this unholy cannabastard revolution.

You've gotten by this long with your out-of-county buys; you'll survive the rest of your days with the minor inconvenience of extended travel. Sorry to put you out.

Further, most people who claim weed as an indispensable health need are liars. Everyone's a glaucoma patient now. Plenty of prescription meds are just as effective a palliative as your spliff, some more so. Most of those who claim otherwise are shameless addicts who use their marginal health issues as an excuse to get, and stay, high, and as often as possible, which is exactly how the Powers That Be want them. Suckers.

And if that rubs anyone the wrong way, then so what. We won't tolerate the further decay of our county. Not from the growers, not from the dealers and certainly not from the brain-damaged (ab)users. Kick rocks.

Megan Killeen

^^Yet again we have another example of a cruel, anonymous troll expressing their unwelcome, unhelpful opinions.

Mr. Athos, I am so sorry that you suffered injuries from a chemical meant to protect your orchard. Your suffering should be eased.

Truth First

The heightened and widespread cannabis production of recent times

is severely harming the environment.

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