It is almost over. There is light at the end of the tunnel; but did we learn anything? Will we be willing to forgive but never to forget? Will we put aside self-will and pride, consult God, and then allow Him to lead us, or will we let history repeat itself as it has so often done in the past?

Please, allow the truth to reveal itself to you through prayer and the Word of God and then explain this period in our history to your children and grandchildren. This Democratic Republic has to continue to stand strong as an example of peace, freedom, and love in a world in desperate need of what we carry. There are parts of this world that are always looking for any weakness in us to confirm to themselves and their countryman that we are weak, counterfeit, hypocrites and liars. Then they want to destroy us. Read Ephesians 6:12.

Deception is a very powerful tool of our common enemy and many of us have been deceived over the last few years. This last Wednesday’s demonstration at our Capitol building in Washington was verification and confirmation of what so many have been saying for such a long time. You all can determine in your own mind what that confirmation was.

But we have to ask, what has happened to the leadership of this great nation that is supposed to represent the best interests of all the people all the time? I don’t think we can point the finger at anyone but ourselves because we all had the opportunity to vote. We are a nation of one people, “under God” and considered equal by God and our Constitution. This division, dissension and hate has to stop, and we have to reconcile and find unity if we are to survive as a nation. It is enough that we have to fight this virus, we shouldn’t have to fight each other over things that have no lasting value or meaning and will be forgotten soon after this is all over. Read 1 Corinthians 13.

What I have learned over the 74 years I have lived is to agree to disagree, and in this secular world we usually have to compromise because we don’t often get everything we want in a person or a situation. Maintaining strong relationships with family and friends is so much more important. The only thing we can take with us when we leave this planet is our relationship with God and each other. We are all brothers and sisters and God created us for relationship with Him and each other. Read Matthew 22:37-40.

I believe what we need to do now and continually into the future is to pray for our nation and those that are going to assume the leadership of this nation. Pray that the decisions they make will be fair, just, and in conformity with the Word of God. Read Romans 13. Then turn and reconcile with a family member or neighbor and reestablish unity, respect, and brotherly love. We need time to heal from all the division and disease that has plagued us for so long. We can be a unified and strong nation once again.

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