From Larry Parker


Black mold needs weekly maintenance and inspections, etc., in the school system.

First bleach and then lack of water, then ventilation. For me, 67 years, I’d scrape some of the best-looking black mold off my ceiling and eat it in a peanut butter sandwich for a month straight just to prove its an endemic feature living in/under my 50-year-old apple tree out in my backyard in the subdivision/Lewiston. It’s on my apples in my vinegar crocks...

Instead, how about “Death by Rubber Duck” by two Canadian docs chronicling the perils of gassing off/dusty chemical exposure in new indoor living environments to under 10-year-old kids/pregnant women especially vulnerable to genetic mutation.

With the millions saved Trinity County could beef up the Sheriff’s Department and code enforcement and put some fear into my neighborhood for growing/trafficking export marijuana/raising kids who have a very unusual view of the resultant criminal-impaired social system with potentially no restraints on unacceptable behavior. Long as you don’t get caught, the reward is good enough and it furthers the progression here.

Better take aim at drugs, exploitive sex, ‘punitive’ property crimes and export top dollar East Coast marijuana, two plants, five plants... The specialists, kingpins and cameo actors have been and are being sorted out as early as 2 years of age MHO [moral justification: born to win] by connecting the dots as to what I see and can intrepid living amongst the ghettoization on First, Second and Third avenues since July 2012.

All package ready for the ‘criminal elite’ to launch on a ‘dime call’ for action including extralegal enforcement with a decent into what goes around comes around as seen in the third world limited only by law enforcement.

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