From Pastor Walter C. Scott

Let Go and Soar Ministries

To start I have to ask this question: What was the original weapon Satan used against Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden? This should be easy for Christians to answer. If you answered this question with deception you are correct. Satan came in the form of a serpent and used deception as the weapon to cause Adam and Eve to doubt what God had told them. This caused the fall of man and we have been dealing with it ever since. Self-interest and doubt superseded their trust and faith and replaced truth.

We live in a very divided country with deception around every corner. Maybe the most divided it has been since the Vietnam War. Our government cannot seem to come together in agreement over much of anything so very little gets accomplished that is beneficial to the vast majority of Americans. Both sides think they are right and there is little room for negotiation. So, government struggles in contention and offense, then stagnates. Much of that attitude filters down to the people. Whatever happened to dialogue, negotiation and compromise? There have always been at least two sides to almost every problem, situation or circumstance and the answer is compromise. Compromise and integrity are critical to achieve lasting progress. Usually no one gets everything they want but everyone gets something and agreement is reached. Life goes on and there are no winners or losers. This has been happening far too little. Overinflated ego and pride dominate.

What also is sad is the example our leaders are displaying for us, our children, and the world. Their character and behavior are a reflection on us all. Countries used to look up to the U.S.A. as an example to emulate. Not so much anymore. We have gained the respect of other countries through fear and intimidation rather than through integrity, friendship, compassion, and a desire for world peace. Do you believe these countries will be our friends when we need help? We denigrate, humiliate and marginalize one another just like our leadership and we don’t think anything is wrong with that behavior. Some of our leaders call themselves Christians but continually compromise the values and principles outlined in the Bible.

The Bible is the written word of God and describes the behavior a follower of Jesus Christ should exhibit and this written word should never be compromised. Many people look at the behavior of our leadership and say, “but look at their accomplishments.” Ask yourself if that should be a good reason or excuse to nullify the written word of God.

We elect politicians to office by the people to govern for the people, but money, self-interest, and lobbyists dictate far too much. Where are the compassionate, considerate, honest people we elected? The people of this great nation have been deceived by too many for too long. When will we stand up and demand accountability from our leaders? What do we want this country to look like in 50 years? We might not be here but our children and grandchildren will be. Is this what we want for them? A world full of people who substitute reasons and excuses for truth to justify their false beliefs acquired through deception? Think long and hard about this and pray to God for revelation and wisdom.

What we actually need in our leadership positions are honest, hardworking people. People who are old enough and experienced enough in the inner workings of ours and the worlds governments to make the correct decisions equally beneficial to all the people, and our country. We need a person not concerned with ego and self-promotion, and who respects the will of the people. A person who understands the Constitution and applies it in its original context and who follows the values and principles outlined in the Bible. A person who has not lived their lives in complete luxury and privilege and never having served their country in any way.

We need a person whose faith and trust in God is strong and doesn’t use their faith as a tool or weapon to justify the denigration of others or to acquire a position of power they think puts them above the law. We need to all wake up and end the lies and deception.

Peace and Love, Amen.

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Trinity Bob

Many people look at the behavior of our leadership and say, “but look at their accomplishments.” Ask yourself if that should be a good reason or excuse to nullify the written word of God.

. . . . .

I agree with you, Pastor Scott, but perhaps you've not heard of the 11th Commandment, which states:

Thou shalt not obey any of the above 10 Commandments if you believe that the end justifies the means or that your own "principles" are more righteous than those I thy Lord God have listed above.

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