The California Department of Public Health is at it again, mandating vaccines for visitors to all hospitals.

Next up, all health care professionals must be vaccinated by Sept. 30. This unelected medical bureaucracy, among others, is making it increasingly more difficult for health care providers to do their jobs. They keep throwing down new rules and regulations that tie up staff at Trinity Hospital, taking time away from what they are there for, caring for patients. As a regular visitor the past 4 1/2 years I’ve seen this first-hand. Trinity Hospital currently has 15 positions they are trying to fill, 21 column inches in this newspaper.

Many health care professionals are not willing to take the vaccine. Why? They are trained professionals and they understand the risks. Lets face it, the “science” from WHO, CDC and Dr. Fauci has been wonky at best from the get-go. They have been constantly moving the goal posts to fit their narrative. They aren’t even interested in investigating the origin of the virus and holding those responsible accountable.

At any rate, the result of vaccine mandates will be even fewer health care professionals as they will quit or retire before taking the vaccine and they have said so. This is critical in an industry that was being crushed by government overreach even before COVID.

They say it’s about saving lives and keeping the public safe. If that’s the case, why do they fund 900,000 abortions each year? Why are they allowing hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated and unvetted immigrants from more than 100 countries to cross freely over our southern border? The impact of this is catastrophic, and we haven’t seen anything yet.

What it is about is control, pure and simple. “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” Hillary Clinton said as she pushed for universal government-run health care. See where this is going?

Forcing people to vaccinate or lose their jobs, forcing people to to show a vaccine “passport” to go anywhere, is discrimination. I believe the left would call this systemic racism, especially since the Black and Latino communities make up a large percentage of the unvaccinated. This isn’t democracy, it’s communism.

Just so you know, I am vaccinated. My body, my choice, and it’s really none of your business. We shouldn’t be forced to share our personal health information. It’s the law and it’s called HIPAA. But what do Dems care about that?

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Trinity Bob

Dear Mr. Goodyear,

You argue that an “unelected medical bureaucracy” is “throwing down new rules and regulations,” as if their goal is to throw a monkey-wrench into the wonderful work the hospital staff is doing. This just isn’t so. The goal and mission of the California Department of Public Health is to protect the health of the public, which includes hospital staff.

While many nurses decline to be vaccinated, most doctors have been. Why? “They are trained and understand the risks.” The “science” you ridicule as wonky has this going for it: As new facts are learned about this new virus, that new information is shared in an effort to better protect the public. They’re not “moving the goal posts to fit their narrative”; rather, they are telling us what they are learning while they are learning it. On your first attempt to change the spark plugs in your car, for example, once you realize you should pull off only one plug wire at a time so you don’t mix them up, would you not change your procedure to reflect what you just learned, or would you stubbornly just keep mixing up those wires?

Yes, staffing will continue to be a problem when so many nurses refuse a life-saving vaccine, and I do not want anyone to lose their job. I just want them to get vaccinated. But let me ask you this: If you were in an accident and needed surgery, would you not feel more comfortable and safer if you KNEW the staff would not infect you with covid while working on you up close and personal? I’m sure you know that no vaccines work 100% of the time.

I propose that we in California run ads in anti-mandate states to attract nurses who are tired of caring for people who refuse to vaccinate. It must be terribly sad to see so many people die no matter how hard you work to save them. We could welcome those nurses to come here. And the local nurses who refuse vaccinations could go to those states and help with the tremendous burden caused by vaccine-refusing patients.

You say that “they” fund 900,000 abortions each year. Who is the “they”? It is certainly not the California Department of Public Health. The 900,000 number is for the whole country, not just California. Truth be known, no government agency may fund abortions with public money except in rare circumstances and then only to save the life of the mother or if the pregnancy is the result of incest or rape (Hyde Amendment).

To set the record straight, HIPAA prevents medical providers from disclosing your medical information to others. It does not prevent you from doing so, as you clearly reveal with your affirmation that you are vaccinated. HIPAA is not about Dems or Republicans. All people should care about that.

Perhaps it would also be good to ponder for a moment the southern border. People do not “freely cross” over it. You HAVE heard of the Border Patrol, I’m sure.

Back to “unelected bureaucracy.” What about sheriff’s deputies? They’re not elected and anyone who would try to use that argument with them would surely have to be drunk. We have many authorities in this fine country who are not elected. Do you propose that we ignore all of them as a result?

One last thing: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” — Winston Churchill

Truth First

“Flatten the curve.” Remember that? So whatever happened to the freakin' curve thing? We never got our freedom completely back afterward, despite the promises. Now, it's a whole new cluster-hump of rules and mandates being dumped on us, with still more to come. I say, like h-e-l-l!

The scientists are not “learning” new things about the virus; they've known all about it from the very beginning, when Dr. Faucinstein funded the development of this human bioweapon at Wuhan more than two years ago. Facts.

It no longer surprises me that there are so many naive knaves who gladly accept the unholy dictates heaped upon them, then turn around and beg for still more. “Gosh, I feel so much safer now. Thanks for exploiting my fear and using it to control me, powers that be. Keep up the good work, Master”

These are the people who are slowly killing us, not the unmasked/unvaxxed.

Fully vaccinated people are getting sick with the ChiComVirus in some number, including three prominent U.S. senators. The media largely fail to report this.

Masks are causing brain damage in newborns, on a large scale, because of the oxygen deprivation from their mommy's months-long face diaperings. There's just one inconvenient statistic the globalist dictators don't want you to know.

The fact that an overwhelming number of medical professionals—doctors, nurses and hospital staff alike—are rejecting the vaccines speaks volumes; if these folk don't trust the “scientists”, then maybe there's something wrong with the “science” and not with the brave front-liners themselves, who see this stuff up close and personal every day. And if these essential workers all quit or get fired for rejecting this unconstitutional mandate, the mass understaffing that results from it will put still more lives in jeopardy. That means more blood on the hands of Fauci, as well as on all the fools who are cheerleading for him. And that's exactly the outcome China would love to see.

We must continue to fight the mandates, all of them, and to support all those out there on the firing line who have been in revolt, including many of our brothers and sisters overseas, in countries like France and Australia. Tell me, all you vax-happy pod people, are all those world citizens just a bunch of science-deniers too? Grow up, gullibles.

Quick, somebody find that pithy quote about giving up your freedom for security, and not deserving either. That was Franklin, wasn't it?...Yeah, I like that one.

Trinity Bob

Yes, I remember “flattening the curve,” which actually did happen and allowed hospitals to function without being overwhelmed by covid patients.

I also remember way back to when most of us thought we could count on our fellow citizens to act toward the common good. Who could have predicted that so many would act AGAINST the common good?

Why are we still in trouble with this virus? Why does it linger? It’s because most of those who refuse vaccination also refuse to wear a mask. They demand the liberty and freedom to infect their fellow citizens with a deadly disease. That’s not justice. It’s JUST US.

Who knew that so many among us were that selfish? The pandemic has revealed that we are not truly one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

I care about your health, TF. I wish you would care about mine.

Truth First

Blah, blah, blind sheep.

Woe be to the obedient lemmings who unquestioningly accept the false narratives spoon-fed to them by self-proclaimed experts who, demonstrably, have not been telling the truth about this virus right from the very beginning.

Shame on those who scapegoat all the maskless patriots, for a sickness that's actually enhanced by the “vaccines”, then prolonged and made worse by the so-called boosters to come, all of which are nothing more than trojan horses that are unleashing spike proteins designed to further the pandemic, bringing still more deaths.

Yes, it's all by design. And you're only enabling them, with your acquiescence.

But it's easier to turn on your fellow man as you wallow in your cult think. Which, again, is exactly what China wants us to do—be divided.

Do not rely on the scaremongering and disinformation that comes from the news media for anything approaching the whole truth about this “new abnormal”, which has been in the works for years; you won't find it there.

You should be asking yourself why China isn't jumping through these same hoops as us. But no.

Instead, you allow yourself to become more clannish and seek to punish all the infidels who don't march with you in lock step on your journey straight into subjugation, if not the grave. Yeah, let's see how that works out for you.

One longs for the day when tobacco smokers were the pariahs. Before that it was gays, then women and any number of racial groups, going back to the beginning of our society. It seems that every era needs its n-words.

We're no more selfish than you are gullible. Now come out of your shells and join us in the fight, all ye of the easily-misled masses.

Trinity Bob

May we just stipulate that you have a supreme and vastly superior intellect compared to anyone else?

And then, may I please share something the adults around me taught when I was but a small child? It is not necessary to insult the intelligence of others in order to convince them or yourself of how smart you are.

PS: You might try to acquaint yourself with the struggles that China (and I'm no fan of China—at all) is having too and the extraordinary efforts they are making to try to tame this virus.

Truth First

You would think that after a year-and-a-half of this nonsense—the constantly changing rules and increasingly draconian dictates—there would be more citizen uprisings than we've seen by now. And yet, the complacent masses are still going right along with the contradictory guidelines while putting up with the obviously full-of-krap dictators who issue them.

Some adults are like children, I guess. Maybe most people are—who knows. Despite an outward appearance of self-sufficiency, they desperately need some authoritarian hand to guide them during times of trouble. Insecure. Neurotic. Easily intimidated.

These children-in-adults-skin, they eagerly glom onto any “science” or “data” that's handed to them by “experts”, or anyone in authority, real or perceived, then parrot the “facts” right back to anyone who dissents or even asks questions about what's been passed off as the official narrative. Do they not realize this only makes them look—I'll say it again—gullible?

We've seen this kind of thing more and more in politics, naturally: stick to the party line come heck or high water, and whenever someone expresses a differing viewpoint, swiftly marginalize and ridicule them. Then, proceed to silence the naysayer at all costs; God forbid their cancerous observations or opinions should ever see the light of day, only to metastasize and breed still more tin-foil-hatters. But what's worse is that dissenters in this New Normal are now being actively ferreted out, and even punished for daring to say 'not so fast.'

Some of the smartest people I've known have shown their true colors during this crisis—otherwise intelligent adults morphing into nervous, knee-jerk mask & vax Brown Shirts practically overnight. “Just wear a mask and/or get the vaccine, otherwise you should lose your job (or worse!)” is a sentiment these former-friends all seem to be perfectly ok with right now. For God's sake! What have we become?

The prevailing attitude among so many that says, “you're a murderer if you don't mask up/vaccinate/stay home/socially distance/lock down/close the schools/scrub every surface/wear gloves/wear face shields/obey the rules/don't argue/be quiet, etc. etc.” is nothing less than poison, folks. It's not just unproductive, it's divisive and potentially harmful. This s**t is going to destroy us faster and more surely than any virus ever could. We can either come to terms with that fact or go down with the sinking ship that is life in these United States at present.

Time will tell, of course, who's right and who's wrong. Years from now we will all look back on these discussions and say, “Oh, he was so naive”, or “She was full of it, wasn't she?” But until then we can only use the God-given common sense we've spent our life relying on to steer us through this fog of manipulation-through-disinformation and Machiavellian control.

Why? Because nowadays, the truth isn't always the truth, as it's being presented to us, by virtually all the institutions we'd come to trust up to now. Simply stated: You are being lied to (at least as often as not). That's a pretty scary realization, I know. But now it's up to you to discern the truth from the lies for yourself and then act accordingly. No one else can be trusted to oversee your best interests. Your leaders sure as hellfire won't protect you.

So if we see something that doesn't quite pass the sniff test, then good old fashioned logic is all we have to guide us from now on. Let's all start using it more often. In these increasingly crazy times, it may be all we've got.

Trinity Bob

Dear TF,

I sincerely hope that if covid enters your body or the bodies of your friends, loved ones, or anyone else you persuade to remain unmasked and unvaccinated that there will be a bed available so that you may receive life-saving care and make a complete and speedy recovery.

Wishing you all the best.

Truth First

Well, so much for that whole 'logic' idea...

One wonders what it will take for some people to finally realize they've been duped. Is it their pride that won't allow them to have that Come To Jesus moment? Or are they somehow as corrupt as the liars they've chosen to obey?

The prevaricators of the world must know deep down that repeating a lie won't make it become the truth. And even the most gullible of children grow up sooner or later.

So should everyone become one day enlightened, prayerfully.


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