Coming up very soon are elections for three supervisorial positions for Trinity County. The seats up for election are district # 2 (Weaverville), district # 3 (Hayfork /Douglas City), district # 5 (Hayfork/ Southern Trinity).

Our county government clearly needs new leadership. Here are just a few reasons we need to change our direction and supervisors.

1. No matter what side you are on concerning the marijuana issue the current board has wasted four years on public front-page infighting, secret meetings of supervisors trying to control other supervisors, creating a system that costs more than it brings in and generally messed up the process that other counties have been able to successfully develop.

2. This board has failed to promote Trinity as a business-friendly county. Lengthy permit times and bureaucratic demands stifle the incentive for new businesses to come to Trinity. There is little or no cooperation between this current board and the Superior California Economic Development Corporation. That corporation offers low-interest loans and help for start-up businesses and businesses wishing to relocate to Trinity. This corporation’s office is now shut and has relocated to Redding. One new business had to wait two years just to get the soil tested … in downtown Weaverville. Why would anyone want to do business in this type of an environment? A Board of Supervisor’s work is to promote businesses and jobs in our county. Not drive them way.

3. While the board takes years to figure out a roundabout or a stop light our roads continue to deteriorate. After multiple complaints concerning specific department heads relating to our roads and permit process the board does nothing. When the complaints become overwhelming the board shifts the department head to another job rather than make the necessary decision to find competent staff.

4. The current situation with poverty and the resulting homelessness and hunger are treated as if they do not exist by this current board. When pushed to get involved they duck, they hide, they say that is not their responsibility. The volunteer groups trying to alleviate some of this suffering do not expect the county government to solve these problems but they do expect the supervisors to help. But they do nothing. They refuse to get involved.

5. With all of the mess this board has made and the lack of leadership they have shown they just rewarded themselves with a 40 percent wage increase — this year alone! After stiffing the lower-paid employees and forcing these employees into two recent strikes this board feels they are entitled to this type of unheard-of increase in their take-home pay. For what? What did they do to earn this windfall? This was nothing short of self-serving on the part of the current board.

Trinity County desperately needs a change in direction. Choosing to enter your name in this next election to represent your neighbors and friends, if you feel qualified, can be a rewarding civic duty. Being a supervisor is not as hard as one may think. There are less than 14,000 of us and there are five supervisors to share the load. It is just a matter of getting new supervisors who can and will work together for the common good of all … not just a select few.

Please think seriously about taking on this duty. We are in need of new ideas and ways of governing that respect all the people. We need to return Trinity County government to a government we all can be proud of. Please get involved. The time is now and the need for new supervisors is great. Step up yourself or encourage someone you believe can commit to truly serve the county and not just themselves.

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