I am not homeless, but I walk my dog with a cart almost every day. I buy bright colored “doggie bags” for her droppings. The feces are truly disgusting anywhere in public, and they stink. So, I bought a lunch bag built with an ice pocket in it so people who come up to me on the street and converse and visit free of offensive smells. I must do this because there are no public trash cans that I can find along the routes I take.

The homeless people in our community must find this to be a huge problem too. Even if they wanted to be good stewards of our environment they don’t seem to have an option that I can find to follow through with those good intentions. I checked and there is a trash can outside of T.C. Behavioral Health, kudos to them. Thanks downtown, too, waste cans are a plus, big time. Didn’t Rotary put them there?

I know the business owners must pay to dump garbage, and indeed they are the most generous of people donating to every cause in town. But the whole community would be better served with trash cans that could contain the health consequences of feces on our streets and sidewalks.

Perhaps you, good neighbors, could contribute to a business that provided a trash can on the curb for these foul-smelling and dangerous droppings? The homeless have dogs because it is dangerous out there, and the help of a loyal companion might be all that saves their lives.

And horse owners, remember many seniors or disabled are now using motorized chairs.

On Lance Gulch Road there is no way to leave the sidewalk where one of your horses defecated, a real problem to get out of the wheels.

As a community, let’s see what we can come up with to keep all of us safe and healthy. Please address this issue in your next civic organization meeting. Or perhaps call the chambers/community clubs with your ideas? Thank you for your consideration.

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