Really? Water releases from a near empty Trinity Lake? Yes, we’re getting more rain than we’ve had for quite a while. Yes, we’ve got more snow in our Alps than we’ve had in many years.

Because of the lack of that rain and snow, known as a drought, our lake has been at historic low levels. Has anyone been to the Stewart Fork Bridge on Highway 3. Gazing out onto the lake … with your binoculars.

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Aggressively Progressive

It's quite remarkable how quick you are to point fingers and blame TRRP, yet you do not have a PhD or other advanced degree in biology, hydrology, geology, or any other relevant field study to make your comments worthwhile.

Have you considered that gold and metal mining was so destructive that we STILL, to this day, have not yet corrected all of the damage done? You clearly don't understand the correlation of damming the river and plummeting fish populations, who are now cut off from miles of habitat for spawning.

The water being released right now is for fish benefit downstream, not necessarily for direct human use. But of course, we as humans benefit when our food sources and our water are healthy and thriving.

Jim, you frankly never offer any solutions when you write into the Journal and I hope you find it within yourself to stop whining and start solving.

Maybe go back to school, learn the best restoration techniques available, and get on the ground! Get to work!

I don't see a tremendous amount of value in your incomplete observations and ignorant finger-pointing.

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