The past few weeks have seen a flurry of letters to the editor that have piled on criticisms and misrepresentations about Sup. Keith Groves and his record of representing Trinity County’s interest on the multiagency Trinity Management Council (TMC).

I can only imagine that, with the election behind us, people must feel a residual need to be outraged about something, or perhaps there is just a dearth of other topics on people’s radars at the moment. Regardless, someone needs to speak up in defense of Supervisor Groves.

A simple search of publicly available TMC meeting notes will find that, for years, Supervisor Groves has been an outspoken advocate for active and meaningful public participation on that body. The fact that the TMC failed to pass a motion advocating for reinstatement of its public advisory group was not a failure of Groves’ leadership, but a product of the TMC being 50 percent federal agencies who didn’t want to countermand their bosses.

At the risk of falling into an ad hominem attack trap and exacerbating the personal side of the recent smear campaign against Supervisor Groves, I would also suggest that Tom Stokely, who authored one of the most misleading letters last week, has not been a resident of Trinity County for years and perhaps he should attend to the business in Siskiyou County.

Shame on these recent letter to the editor authors for misleading the public about who is responsible for the failings of the TMC.

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