Texas church-goers illustrate how to navigate a mass shooting. This shooting differed from the Sutherland Springs Church shooting in that armed good guys were present here. At Sutherland Springs the perpetrator shot 46 unarmed fish in a barrel before finally being interrupted by a good guy with a gun. Stephen Willeford lived nearby, heard the shooting, grabbed his AR-15 and ran barefooted to the church and engaged the shooter. Willeford shot him twice, causing him to flee. The perpetrator died shortly thereafter. It is unknown how many lives Willeford saved that day but had he been present at the church many dead people would still be alive.

This recent shooting only lasted six seconds. Only three shots were fired. The bad guy got off two shots before a good guy with a gun, Jack Wilson, put his lights out with a well-aimed head shot. Wilson surely saved lives as there were approximately 250 parishioners present. The scumbag was raising his muzzle for a third shot when Mr. Wilson excised elements of his brain from his skull. What professionals call instant incapacitation.

Statists say the perpetrator shouldn’t have had a gun in the first place. I beg to differ. Anyone fit to be in a free society must possess ALL of their natural rights. If a person is not fit to be in a free society then they should be removed from society. You cannot keep bad guys from getting guns. Check Mexico. They have Utopian gun control there yet the bad guys have machine guns, RPGs and grenades.

The statist gun-free Utopia is but a fantasy. Firearms are with us, and always will be. That is until they’re replaced with even better technology. If a statist magician disappeared all 400 million guns currently in America there would be a million more in a week. People who possess an irrational fear of inanimate objects (guns) are mentally ill. Perhaps they should be removed from society. A gun is just a tool. It can be used for good or bad. The problem is an evil operator. If statists can eliminate evil from the face of the earth I’m all in!

Opinions are Potts’, not TCSO’s.

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