In my opinion the Planning Department leaves a lot to be desired. I received a letter from them asking me to call if I did not want my neighbors cutting down their trees to put in a grow of marijuana. So I called. A week or so later they started cutting.

I called to complain it was happening. I gave an A.P.N. number and was told it belonged to another address out on Highway 3. Not Brady Road. Well I was told to call (Planning Director) Kim Hunter. So I did. She said she would look into it and call me back.

Well guess what? I haven’t gotten a phone call back and my neighbors cut down almost every tree they had. I was told that because it is wrong A.P.N. that it is an illegal cut.

Now it has been four days and still no phone call back. And they are now cleaning up their mess and the noise is horrible. Now my place is a lot warmer during the day because the sun shines longer on my house, so my electric bill will go up trying to cool my home. And heating my home will also be harder and cost more for the wind blows through much more.

 And because the wind blows from their property to mine I will have to smell the odor of the marijuana all the time and it bothers me terribly, I break out with a rash, have trouble breathing when stuff is growing and will be real bad for me if and when they grow.

Their porch light shines in my room (which makes it hard to sleep). And right now the noise is grating. Have more traffic noise coming in. More wind blowing in and will now have to cut down a tree near my home for safety reasons due to higher winds coming through.

All of my privacy is gone, also. They can look right into my bedroom from their place. And that is the side they have cut down everything. Which is about a 100 feet from my window.

I don’t understand why the Planning Department sent out letters for other owners in the area to call if they disagree and don’t want such grows if they let them do what they  blanking want to do anyway.

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Firs are a invasive species and I doubt thhey will cut trees In the line of sight with neighbors. They don’t want to smell your bullshit

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