Republicans are in the process of changing the rules to be able to override the will of the people in fair and legal elections.

The aim of this process is to be able to send their own electors to the Electoral College. This process would allow them to install whoever they wanted as president of the nation.

How are they attempting this? In key states that have Republican majorities in their legislatures, they pass laws giving local authorities the power to overturn the results of fair and legal elections. This action would take away power of the people.

The end result of this procedure is that they can override the will of the people and put their selected person in office. The possible result of this action could result in an American dictatorship.

We the people must watch out for this action as it is the beginning of the destruction of our democracy. After that step, these people would be telling us what to do and not necessarily would it be what we voted for.

Be careful of these actions and vote these people out of office while we can. Protect our democracy and be sure to vote!

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Truth First

Total projection! I'm afraid you got it backwards, Wil. The dictatorship is upon us right now, in the form of a demented stumblebum puppet. Look for the men behind that curtain; it's not hard to see.

And you need only look to the fake election of '20 to know what installing said puppets actually looks like. The GOP is only taking measures to prevent that from happening again. I wish them luck, in light of the Deep State globalist funding that propels this sham of a government right now.

The people chose to rise up on 1/6 and they will again, as needed. We patriots are in this for the long haul. Fight!

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