Although not living in Trinity County any longer, I still have property and visit my old friends and neighbors as often as I can.

I’ve had property and lived full-time on East Fork Road in Trinity Center.

About 8 to 10 years ago Trinity County and the federal government had an agreement to repair East Side Road that goes around the east side of Trinity Lake to the town of French Gulch.

The agreement was that the county would repair the first three miles and the federal government the last 8 miles.

This meant that the road from Highway 3 to East Fork Road would be completely repaved.

Us residents for three years put up with the road delays and pilot car escorts knowing that eventually a new road was on the horizon.

Since then cracks as well as a section of the road has developed a dangerous depression. While living there I called the road department on three occasions to tell them of the problems, they each time told me they still do crack repair and will take care of it.

I’ve been away now for three years and understand the repairs still have not been done. I agree with the grand jury report. All talk and no action.

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