From Steve Lindsay


Thank you to Bob Christoph, here in Lewiston, for his very revealing diatribe against President Trump. I miss America, too, Bob… but even more than that; I miss Trinity County! I am originally a fourth-generation native of Santa Rosa from Sonoma County, but only moved here to Trinity after traveling extensively throughout the world and working for a number of years in Israel. I especially miss the “quality” of the people who used to live here in Lewiston.

I miss the loggers! Been here now over 30 years and I miss the people who actually accomplished something with their lives. Today our county has been inundated with “educated” Democrat losers, most of them from the south.  

When the Clinton Administration began locking up federal lands here and the mills began closing, everything changed. We lost our proletariat; and the tax money it provided for our schools. Clinton and the Democrats did that to us.

This county started filling up with liberals shortly after. Welfare sluts started pouring in, having their unfunded babies at the hospital in Weaverville; which nearly bankrupted us until ‘child birth’ in Trinity County is no longer allowed here now. Took us property owners here years to bail out that hospital.

And during my 33 years here I’ve never even been there! Don’t have children here either; but I’ve always supported the schools. (Well not any longer!) Weaverville has been lying to the people of Trinity County for more than 150 years. I no longer believe a single word I hear out of Weaverville, anymore. And I don’t shop there, either. You Democrat business people there do not deserve my business until you clean up that mess that “you” created there!

Election fraud here is REAL folks! Because the winners are “predetermined!” And it’s been going on here for decades. The stories I could tell you about some of the lying scum Democrats we have here (right now) would turn your stomach. That’s right Bob.  Maybe you know some of them.

I miss Trinity County and I miss Lewiston, too.

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Raymond Harris

Thanks Steve for your comments.

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