Once again I am writing to state that I have seen absolutely no improvement to our standard of living since Trinity County government has embraced the marijuana trade.

The Sheriff’s Report in The Trinity Journal is full of violent crime. This week there were several reports of armed robbery.

What is being stolen?




This ‘industry’ has brought increased crime to our community.

This ‘industry’ has brought no benefit to our community.

If only my wishes were enough to make this problem disappear.

Why won’t the Board of Supervisors wake up and smell the coffee?

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Gas stations and banks have a history of being robbed - we don't chase them out of our community . Criminals follow the money. And with this money successful business spurs the economy; something we need.

In Weaverville, we have a good amount of theft. Cultivation is not allowed here. People are breaking in to garages and homes and stealing all kinds of things - including guns if they aren't locked up!


In summary, my observation of reading the sheriff' crime reports every week is most crime does not involve cannabis.

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