Ms. Killeen’s columns have been quite illuminating, taking us through geologic history and the various physical forces which affect the Earth and its climates. Her explanation of the Milakovitch cycles was also excellent.

She, however, loses credibility when she asserts that “CO2 levels and global temperatures are increasing at an exponential rate.” This is a gross exaggeration, or in her own words “illogical balderdash.” It is unfortunate that those who are firmly convinced that mankind’s use of hydrocarbons causes climate change must resort to hyperbole in their assertions. This is not only unprofessional, it confuses those who are trying to understand climate change and its impact on their lives.  

By the way, Ms. Killeen, don’t attempt to quote me unless you can do it accurately (Oct. 13 Trinity Journal). I wrote no such thing and never even considered it! Ms. Killeen, good science requires an exchange of ideas, not an exchange of insults. I would like to believe that as you mature you will be able to communicate in a more professional manner.

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Trinity Bob

Dear Mr. Jeans,

I am happy that you too appreciate Ms. Killeen’s columns on Earth’s climate. I’m grateful that she is willing to take the time to explain these concepts to us in a way that is understandable to people like me, who are not scientists, and I know that most everyone in our community appreciates her efforts.

In reviewing your letter to the editor to which you refer, I can see that what Ms. Killeen enclosed within quotes was not what you actually said. I think she was trying to paraphrase what you were suggesting—basically, a punctuation error. Nevertheless, we probably can agree that there are many data sets available to us and that we can draw different conclusions even when looking at the same data!

I have become acquainted with Megan, and I am certain that she meant you no disrespect.

In the end, we share this planet. The vast majority of us care about leaving it better for those who come after us, and I’m sure that we agree on the idea that whether or not addressing climate change is extremely urgent, it makes sense to reduce our footprint as much as possible.

Thanks again for engaging so politely in this important discussion. I, for one, welcome your thoughts.

Truth First

Used to be, traditional environmentalism was enough. Most of us were on board with it. Clean air. Clean water. Don't over cut the forests. Don't over fish the oceans. Don't pollute. But do crack down hard upon everyone, especially major corporations, who violates laws pertaining to same.

It was the hippies that got this going in earnest, remember. That Soylent Spring book was their inspiration. They wholesale created Earth Day from the author's treatise, and soon after, the E.P.A. was formed as well.

Ironically, today's youth are castigating those same Boomers as dinosaurs clueless about ecological matters. Pariahs they've become, the veritable inventors of environmentalism. Their “antiquated” approach just ain't good enough anymore, or so decrees the high echelon of the new climatocracy, and the foot soldiers of this halfasssed New Green World Order that's now underway.

It's no longer just about the foreseeable future, if you can believe it. Now, everyone is required to swear allegiance to a partly faith-based ideology wherein the helllish outcome that you're made to work to prevent, they tell you, won't be fully realized until decades after everyone alive today is long dead. How convenient.

Trust us, they also tell you. We know exactly what the future of our earth's climate holds. Our scientists/prognosticators know all and see all. It's Science! Do not doubt their omniscience, ignorant peasant. No questions, just fall in line everyone....Yeah, sure.

Ah, that sinking feeling you get when you realize the old-school environmentalist movement you've worked all your life to support gets hijacked by haughty, vape-happy, wild-eyed cultists and rebranded as something else, something that amounts to Climate Theology.

So what's a rational, clear-thinking individual to do in such circumstances? Just go along to get along? Many have. There's certainly no talking sense into the new breed; that'd be like telling a pious man there is no god.

Perhaps this conundrum begs a more salient question:

What do you call it when you're confronted with a mountain of bul***t?

Answer: Climate!

Trinity Bob

Dear Mr. Jeans,

I happened across a mention in another article that there is historical data from Mauna Loa, the longest direct measurements of CO2 in the atmosphere (since 1958), and found this page from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

May I respectfully please direct your attention to the graphs at the top of the page, which confirm that CO2 is indeed increasing at an exponential rate. What you'll find may surprise you, but there it is, plain as day.

Truth First

There are three degrees of BS: Lies, Danm lies and statistics.

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