This is in response to Bob Christoph’s recent letter to the editor in which he stated his reasons for missing the America of his youth.

I, too, lament the loss of respectable leadership and statesmanship from the office that should be our source of pride and hope, not that of disgust, shame and mistrust.

Daily we are accosted with a barrage of venomous rhetoric which has not ceased in three years. What has happened to us that we have allowed this assault on what once was America’s legacy of good will and common decency?

I remember when words like consensus, compromise, unity, harmony, respect, compassion, self-sacrifice, public service, common good, prosperity (for all, not a select few), were expressed all the time by past presidents and members of Congress, regardless of party affiliation.

I am sorry to admit that I took for granted the idea that this form of communication would prevail.

Hatred and intolerance have a stranglehold on us that is breeding intense nationalism as we shut ourselves off from the rest of the world and cease to welcome people from beyond our shores. When did we choose to deny the fact that every American is descended from immigrants?

It is shameful to see that the name of God has been dragged into the histrionics and melodrama of Washington. We cannot corral Him or put words in His mouth. Psalm 59:8 states: “But You, O Lord, laugh at them; You scoff at all the nations.”

America is clearly in its decline, brought on by our own failings and misdeeds. In that respect we got the president we deserve.

Long after we are no more, God will still be on His throne, laughing and scoffing at the nations.

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