Trinity County is in dire need of revenue. Our community infrastructure has suffered long enough and we all need to pay our fair share. But Measure A is not fair. Measure A would unfairly tax farmers not on production or revenue, but on land they have already paid licensing fees for, whether or not a crop is ever planted or sold.

If you have negative thoughts or feelings about growers, I’ll bet you haven’t had a chance to get to know me or other community-minded cultivators. We share similar experiences as any reader, like caring for our community, worrying about our small businesses and prioritizing the safety and happiness of our families. I am not only a licensed farmer, but also a proud Trinity County resident who devotes dozens of hours a week volunteering. This tax unfairly penalizes legal, compliant, hard-working people.

Licensed cultivators were not consulted in the creation of Measure A. Imagine your business being taxed without your industry’s input and based on theoretical income?

I wish to start over and create a tax that works for the long term, such as a percentage of gross receipts or a flat tax on production once the cultivator has been paid. With either of these structures the county stands to bring in more revenue than the Measure A tax. A better plan can be crafted by the November election. I am looking forward to collaborating and moving forward as a strong, united, self-sufficient county.

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