Thank you for the recent article you published about the Vanderwall family reunion at Lakeview Terrace Resort on Lewiston Lake. Your columnist, Katie Quinn, did an excellent job of portraying the celebration of the 44 years that our family spent in Trinity County.

It had been nine years since I was in Trinity County but memories of the years 1966-2010 flooded back as I returned. The drive from Redding was a sobering scene to see the devastation of the Carr fire. It brought back childhood memories of the drive our parents made to Hayfork to show us the destruction from that fire long ago.

After traveling through a much-straightened Highway 299 west from Redding, it was a relief to crest the Buckhorn summit and find Lewiston forests as beautiful as ever. Crossing the amazing Trinity River and seeing the serenity of Lewiston Lake brought back a lot of memories of the bus trips to Lewiston School and Trinity High School that my brother and sister and I took from 1966-1978. Back then we were escorted faithfully by bus drivers Roy Williams and Floyd Hartland.

We were delighted to find Lakeview Terrace Resort being well-run by new owners Ryan Cinelli and Jordan Snow. Trinity County was lucky to find these hard workers who have jumped into community involvement in the Lewiston Peddlers Fair and the Trinity County Chamber of Commerce. We applaud their efforts as attracting and supporting tourism is an important economic factor for Trinity County. It reminded us of when our parents came to town in 1966 and got involved in promoting and organizing the Trinity River Raft Race in Lewiston.

We were also impressed during our visit with the Trinity County Historical Society Research Center at the Jake Jackson Museum. As a young person, the history of Trinity County didn’t seem that important to me, but as an adult nearing retirement I have developed an interest in the amazing history of California. I realize now that Trinity County played an important role in the early development of the state. The preservation work of your volunteers at the history center is so worthwhile. We appreciated the publications and research that has gone on and is going on there. If you haven’t checked it out lately, we encourage more of you to get involved in this meaningful effort.

I graduated from Trinity High School in 1973 and left for Shasta College and California State University, Fresno, then ended up in King City, Calif., to work as a reporter for The Rustler newspaper. Although I have spent the majority of my life as a businesswoman, my interest in newspapers has kept me a reader and subscriber of The Trinity Journal for 53 years. I commend you for what I consider an excellent job of reporting local news and data. I look forward to the arrival of my newspaper every week and feel as if it has given me a special connection to the county.

My parents, Herb and Virginia Vanderwall, now live in Sloughhouse, near Sacramento, as do my sister Cynthia Bacon and her husband, Steve. My brother, Roger, and his wife, Julie, have been living in Bozeman, Mont. My husband, John, and I call the Salinas Valley our home in Central California. Our children, who are spread from Texas to Oregon to Sacramento and Santa Barbara, all spent time in Trinity County growing up. Now our grandchildren have had a taste of life in Lewiston.

After 44 years, we have friends and acquaintances all over the country who know and treasure their vacations spent in Trinity County. It’s an experience that leaves a lasting impression because of the natural beauty and the people who have shared that with us.

The camera that plays in our minds helps us recall Trinity County on a regular basis. Thank you for being a newspaper that provides us with photographs and stories in writing to keep those memories alive.

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