In Richard Cole’s Oct. 16 letter he asked; “Why do we in the United States have more gun deaths than any other first world nation?” Short answer, we don’t. That is demonstrably false information emitted by statist propaganda mills, like Bloomberg’s every town. Go to and click on “comparing murder rates and gun ownership across countries” for some enlightening information.

The FBI just released its UCR stats for 2018. Notably, the number of homicides decreased significantly — by 7 percent. What may be even more surprising is that murders committed with firearms fell by 6.7 percent. And of those murders committed with a firearm, only 2.8 percent were with a rifle, any rifle, for a total of 297. It’s not a new trend, but rifles were used less often to commit murder than knives, fists and blunt objects. Meanwhile, the overall steady decrease in violent crime over the past 25 years has coincided with a steady increase in the number of firearms sold and owned.

We seem to always focus on the seen. Let’s address the unseen. There are an estimated 2.5 million self-defense uses of a firearm per year, most without a shot being fired. I believe this estimate is drastically low. You might be surprised at how often it occurs locally. I suspect the actual number is closer to 10 million to 20 million. These occurrences are rarely reported and therefore not exposed to bean counters. I wonder what the seen crime rate would be if these folks had not had a firearm to defend themselves?

As for guns being efficient in committing suicide, are we to meddle in the personal decisions of others in this regard. And would a less efficient method lead to a slew of brain-damaged vegetables that the taxpayers would be forced to care for? I fail to see the humanity in such an endeavor.

In closing, I wish the “pro-choice” folks cared as much about my right to possess the firearm of my choice as they do about their right to snuff out a human life. Upwards of one million of the most defenseless among us are murdered every year in this country. And you don’t need a gun to do that!

Opinions are Potts’, not TCSO’s.

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Michael Snyder

I'm sorry Mark, but your grasp of the statistics is lacking accuracy. In fact there have been more mass shootings in the USA than days of the year in 2019 alone. To quote CBS News,

"The number of mass shootings across the U.S. thus far in 2019 has outpaced the number of days this year, according to a gun violence research group. This puts 2019 on pace to be the first year since 2016 with an average of more than one mass shooting a day.

As of September 1, which was the 244th day of the year, there have been 283 mass shootings in the U.S., according to data from the nonprofit Gun Violence Archive (GVA), which tracks every mass shooting in the country. The GVA defines a mass shooting as any incident in which at least four people were shot, excluding the shooter."

Over 39,000 people died from gunfire in the USA in 2017 (the latest year we have statistics for) putting gun deaths on a par with auto fatalities with overall odds of being killed set at about 10 out of 100,000. Sure, we rank #20 overall, but when you consider active war zones like Somalia and Syria are in the count, number twenty isn't really a safe place to live. You can follow this link to some backup research.

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