Sen. Joe Manchin is one of two senators refusing to approve the budget. Claiming it is too much money.

Nor does he like the $300 per child tax break credit for working Americans. Really? Even after President Joe Biden cut the budget in half. He thinks Americans don’t want to work, they only want welfare and the government to take care of them. I don’t believe this.

I think the people want similar benefits that are offered by power countries like Norway and Sweden. These countries offer working parents time off the first year to be with their child, three months of nanny service included. These countries invest in their children’s wellbeing. Mothers get to breast feed their kids giving them the benefits of first milk. Senator Manchin gets his income from the dirty coal miners, so why should he care about global warming? Sixty percent of the budget goes to the military complex.

We have many corporations making big money off war. Many millionaires were made from war. Try educating yourselves, read “War is a Racket” by Smedley Darlington Butler. Should be a required read in school.

Our fossil fuel industries have known about global warming since the 1970s. This is fact! In the 1950s our atmosphere had 21% oxygen in the atmosphere. Today it is 16% oxygen. Our oceans are becoming acidic and unable to support life as it did in the past.

Maybe if the corporations paid the same percentage in taxes as the poor people. I paid 28% of my wage in takes, my niece made three times what I made in wages and paid 66% in taxes. I think we should all be taxed the same. I loved John F. Kennedy and his speeches. My hero!

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Truth First

These arguments are antiquated and naive. This ain't the society we once knew, largely divided by class warfare and not much else; it's much more nuanced than that now, and not in good ways.

The a-hole military industrial complex, as well as big oil and other rapacious a-hole industries, is no longer the a-hole behemoth king it once was; that title now belongs to the Big Tech a-holes. Much deserved.

This multi-Trillion dollar “infrastructure” bill is the King of Boondoggles, with all kinds of ignorant social programs packed in that will guarantee our permanent economic subjugation to China in short order.

And those “dirty coal miners” you cite are actually all out of work right now, told “learn to code” by the socialist fools, while China builds coal mines hand-over-fist. Somebody needs a climate diaper change.

Also, flat taxes are a fool's errand. The corporations and wealthy elite will always find the legit loopholes, cuz they pay a Dream Team of financial experts to go get them. The average Joe and Jane can't afford these perks. So a flat tax would be even worse for the poor and working class than now. Investigate!

Mansion and Sinema are the only things standing between bad and worse in our country right now. Let's hope they stick to their convictions. For the children, if nothing else.

Megan Killeen

Once again, you ignore the fact the the USA outsourced all of our manufacturing to China so that we could buy cheap goods, so those coal emissions come from American consumers, they were just emitted on Chinese soil for our benefit.

Don’t worry, I’ll craft a longer response to really rip you idiotic argument apart later, but I want you to know that I call you TF because I call you “Trinity Expletive” in my head, because you are the stupidest troll I’ve ever met in my nearly 20 years online.

Truth First

"...for our benefit" Right. Like everything else China does, so selfless and generous is the Communist government who's been krapping on Tibet, Hong Kong, Taiwan, The Uighurs, etc, etc, for decades. Such benevolence.

Trump, let's remember, was the first, and only, president to reverse the offshoring of jobs and goods to China and other countries. He gave that spithole country the middle finger it deserves. That's why he won two presidential elections. And that's why informed Americans support Trumpism.

Megan Killeen

You have no evidence. You have no proof Donald Trump won the 2020 election. You reject the evidence that he lost, which was most recently proven by the Arizona audit. Did you know that Donald Trump RAPED a 13-year-old girl in 1994? Here you can read about it right here:

You can also read about how he raped his wife here:

You support a CHILD RAPIST, TF. And a serial rapist. Donald Trump was photographed many times with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. By the way, Maxwell recruited young girls on the Mar-A-Lago property, you can read her deposition here:

I think anyone who so much as donates to Donald Trump's campaign should be arrested for human trafficking. You are losing this cultural war. No one is coming to your defense, TF. The reek of moral rot roils off of you in waves.

Truth First

Jobs. The Economy. Trade.: Unimpeachable science-based evidence.

I see your sketchy lefty links and raise you the contents of Ashley Biden's diary and Hunter's laptop(s). Foot lotion, anyone?

Trinity Bob

While your lord god Donald J. Trump would never, ever admit it, I'll bet he's enjoying the Biden stock market boom, especially since he predicted that if Biden were elected, everyone's 401(k)s would crash to nothing.

Yes, jobs are up. The economy is up. Trade is up. Nothing's perfect, but things are getting better.

But man, oh, man, the really important issues facing the world are definitely Ashley's stolen diary and Hunter's laptop. I can't think of anything more pressing than that!

Megan Killeen

Anything that doesn't come from your brain or your lord savior is unacceptable to you. And that's a YOU problem. You don't play well with anyone, which is why you have no friends.

Truth First

Gwen, you and I do agree on one thing. John Kennedy is a true hero. The work that man has done as Senator from Louisiana is nothing short of stellar. Kudos to him.

But if this garbage economy keeps up, then even the ignorant weed growers here won't be able to survive the Brandon Apocalypse, growing by the day. Clearly, the swamp in Washington still needs draining, now more than ever. And if the regime makes sure that DJT doesn't make it past the grassy knoll, so to speak, then my money's on Tulsi. She'll fix it.

You heard it here first.

Trinity Bob

“Gwen, you and I do agree on one thing. John Kennedy is a true hero. The work that man has done as Senator from Louisiana …”

Oh, my, TF, you certainly do not read very carefully. While you and Ms. Tofanelli might possibly agree about the Senator from Louisiana, that is not at all whom she referenced. You missed (deliberately ignored?) the F. in John F. Kennedy. This demonstrates how you selectively pick your “truth” from any source you quote. The Senator from Louisiana isn’t even on the same plane as the former president. Good golly, Miss Molly. You do not seem to give an F. about real facts.

Next, the “garbage” economy is doing quite well, thank you, even when measured by the previous president’s (limited) view of what matters: the stock market. There are improvements happening throughout the economy, but no one would expect you to notice or comprehend how it all works. And just wait until you see highways and bridges being fixed and all those folks working! Finally, we have a president who has a REAL infrastructure week and doesn’t just blather about it.

Finally, for a measure of just how deep is “the swamp” in Washington, tally the number of scandal-related arrests/charges/resignations from the Obama Administration, compared with the Trump Administration, compared with the Biden Administration. Your guy tops the list—by far.

While DJT claimed he would “drain the swamp,” by now even you should be able to recognize that he fed that swamp, and all at the expense of you, me, and our fellow American citizens.

Come back to reality, TF, while you still (I hope) can.

Truth First

Also, Norway and Sweden are not Socialist utopias, Gwen, and hardly stellar examples of how a country should be run. Both are overrun with crime right now, thanks to loose border controls that have allowed scores of illegal immigrants from poor countries to run roughshod over their laws. Sound familiar?

If anything, those and other Euro nations are blueprints for how not to run a country. So in that sense, we should be studying them carefully, yes. Besides, while the politicians in charge there do tend toward empty-headed socialism, their respective constitutions are anything but leftist. Textbook examples of square peg/square hole.

One thing they do have going for them, apparently: A lack of white trash weed growers, unlike here. So there's that.

Megan Killeen

TF, the fact that you called my links “lefty links” only proves your social distrust. You trust only your mind and your child-rapist president. Wow. Like... are you really so stupid that you didn’t realize DJT’s “modeling agency” was a front for child sex trafficking? The fact that he never released his tax records suggests all of his money was dark money. Dirty. The result of the abuse of children.

You actively donate to his campaign fund, I’m sure, which makes you part of the operation. Also, it’s convenient that you ignored the fact that Matt Gaetz was recently indicted this year for child sex trafficking. Again, wow.

The links I shared are not “lefty links”. They are the stories of REAL WOMEN who put their lives on the line to tell their stories to media outlets that might share the truth of their experiences far and wide. The fact that you ignore the MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF RAPE VICTIMS does nothing but highlight and emphasize your misogyny and your violent tendencies.

Those women stood up and put their livelihoods, their safety, their reputations, and their standing in society on the line, they stuck their necks out, to reveal the monstrosity that is DJT. The man you worship.

You worship a child rapist.

What a weak comeback: “Hunter Biden’s laptop!!” You deflect to Hunter because you lack the emotional maturity to sit with the atrocities your lord and savior has committed. You deflect with no evidence. What about his laptop? Trumpers never have an answer nor do they present details. If you offered a link in support of your claim, it would be a virus-infested link to the dark web, where anonymous liars and thieves steal and torment. For the sake of the Trinity Journal’s website staying functional, I sincerely hope you don’t infect the page with such a link.

You support a child rapist. Do you get off on that, TF? On the imagery of child rape? Do you enjoy imagining DJT ram his erect member into a 13-year-old CHILD’S body? You probably do. And if you don’t, what are you going to do? Sue me for libel? That would require you to come out of hiding and you are too much a coward. The women who exposed our former president for the sick demon that he is are much braver than you will ever be.

The way you write and speak and the positions you hold make you the antithesis of everything good. “Antithesis” by the way means “opposite”.


Thanks all for providing Jerry Springer like entertainment in the online comment section of a small local newspaper.

Y'all are hilarious

Truth First

Whoa! Does Adam Schitt even know about this?? To think that that watermelon-headed poof from Burbank wasted all his time on Russia collusion for several years running while passing up a slam dunk like this one. Those salacious p-tapes the Kremlin has are child's play next to this. What a blown opportunity....By the way, for all the self-absorbed millennials out there: The Kremlin is in Moscow.

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