Development of the levee road and bringing that levee to current standards needs to be included in any redevelopment of the parcels formerly housing Rocky Pines, NU2U and Trinity Pickers. Addressing flooding from Weaver Creek is on the county of Trinity’s must-meet government standards list.

The levee road south of Weaver Creek has long been viewed as a pedestrian and vehicle artery between Main Street and Browns Ranch Road, and our treasured Golden Age Center. A road right-of-way for a standard width county road with a sidewalk is requested and needed. The owner of the property proposed for redevelopment needs to deed a road/sidewalk right-of-way as part of their proposal.

A sidewalk and road along the creek to the Golden Age Center will be a health boost to those walking and biking Weaverville with lunch at the Golden Age Center a destination, as well as those taking loop routes. Let’s take care of the flood and transportation needs now and simultaneously.

Also, needed for the redevelopment of the properties is a sidewalk along Highway 299/Main Street. This section of sidewalk is key to connecting sidewalks from the Weaverville Historic District to the Shopping Center at Martin/Main/Lance Gulch.

A right-hand turning pocket is needed to allow traffic from the south to safely enter the proposed parking lot. The width of the driveway entrances needs to be wider than that at Dollar General to allow vehicles (including delivery trucks) to safely enter and exit Highway 299.

We appreciate all that is done to develop for citizens who walk and who wish safety measures to be included in redevelopment.

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