Below is the main body of a letter I’m sending to California Gov. Gavin Newsom about Concealed Carry licenses plus others.

“As a resident of California and the holder of a Concealed Carry license, I respectfully request that this year’s expiration dates be extended for an additional year. This is because of the inability to renew them in a timely manner with the virus-induced shutdowns. Additional advantages are the potential in crime control and self-protection by the most law-abiding group of gun owners.

“The same common-sense request can be made for driver licenses and any other licenses, permits, etc., with arbitrarily set expiration dates. This simple action would go a long way in reducing the complications caused by the evolving changes in our society.

“This would be no cost to our government, a stress reliever for countless people, and an increase in the people’s approval of our government.”

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