Once again we will be in front of the Planning Commission this Thursday, Jan. 9, at 7 p.m. at the Trinity County Library as they consider an EIS, rezone and CUP for cannabis distribution center in what is considered a core area of Douglas City, according to DC Community Plan.

As the cannabis industry stretches its wings and industry representatives truly committed to doing all of this the right way rise to be seen, a balance of industry and non-industry must be considered overall. We need to continue making our voices heard.

The Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors need to be committed to not only creating the cannabis industry; but, also to the non-industry citizens that need a place to call home. Removing crucial highway commercial parcels from existence goes against the Douglas City Community Plan. Thinking beyond the current project request, there are far too many environmentally dangerous uses that could occur without any oversight if rezoned to C3. The current project proposed for these few highway commercial parcels presents not only public nuisance but a real concern of public health, safety and welfare due to proximity of sensitive receptors (residents/community) and Trinity River.

There are flawed reports being presented to decision makers and that is all they have to make their decisions unless we speak up. The most current report doesn’t mention the school bus stop directly across the street from the parcel requesting a distribution center license. The DOT report still calls it a propane retail parcel. We as a neighborhood and community will again point out report errors, the appearance of spot zoning or at very least preferential treatment, the inappropriate placement of a requested rezone and cannabis distribution center close to residential, river and school. We are taking feet away in some instances.

Once again we receive crucial reports mere days before meeting. Our notice letter stated staff report would be ready online after 3 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 3, with comment deadline of Monday, Jan. 6. The Planning Office is closed on Fridays to the public. If you didn’t pre-arrange a pick up of hard copy or have access online, you had to wait until Monday, Jan. 6, the same day comments are due.

The neighborhood of Marshall Ranch Road, members of the Douglas City community, and members of Trinity County have continued to voice their concerns and objections to this project placement. The county speaks of updating the General Plan and Community Plans. Community input is key to this process.

Please join us at the meeting Thursday, Jan. 9. Let your voices be heard that proper planning and consideration for ALL citizens of Trinity County will create industry along with places to call home for non-industry. You can also email your comments to info.planning@trinitycounty.org.

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