The governor mandated that all individuals should wear a mask while in public places to help reduce the threat of spreading COVID-19.  Which means that, we as a business wear them to protect you the customer from us spreading something that we could have without even knowing we have it. And in our hopes, that those coming into our establishment do the same, for our protection too.   

So, the non-business owners side of it:

Some say it is a hoax and or that we have only had three confirmed cases in Trinity County and that we are all safe from it. And that, it is our civil right as an individual, to not to be told what we can and cannot do.  And that covering our face with a small cloth won’t make a difference. So they choose not to wear one. And in turn, choose to not come into our business, because I am asking them to wear it. It is their right, just as it is my right as a business owner to refuse service to anyone I choose. It is all of our right to make our own decisions.

And then there is my perspective as a business owner on it:  

So, as a business owner, I follow these mandated rules for one main reason. I have a staff that puts their trust in me to keep them safe, healthy and to keep them employed for years to come. So, I enforce it because, if I don’t and one of my staff gets sick, I personally will have to live with the fact that I didn’t do everything I could do to keep them safe and healthy.

It is summertime and 85 percent of our current business is tourists on vacation from another area that have many more than three cases. These tourists are entering my establishment without a mask on, possibly infecting my staff and my local customers with a virus that is similar to the flu, that is killing people around the world.  

So, what do I do? Let all the customers, including the tourists and locals, in without a mask, to mingle alongside my staff and all the locals that I know and trust that are not infected, and possibly let them infect my staff and my local customers?

Put up a sign that says, locals only?  Well the truth is, 85 percent of my current business is tourists, which means the 15 percent of the locals who do come in with a mask is not enough to keep my business doors open. So I request them and the locals to wear a mask. And what happens if this mandated order lasts into the wintertime, where I depend on the summertime income to float the business through the slow time of winter? Yup you got it, I permanently have to close my doors, after 15 years of hard work.

There is no right answer and as a business owner I am scared to death that this pandemic will in turn shut my doors forever by the end of this year, if not sooner.  I am doing everything possible to keep my business, my staff, and my community safe.  And if wearing a small cloth over my face and requesting those that enter my business to do so too, for the slightest possibility of staying healthy, safe and open for years to come, then I wear a small cloth over my face.

I hope that everyone can see the business side of this pandemic and that all of us come out of it unscathed and healthy. Whether it is a hoax or not, I as a person, where individuals look to me to keep them safe and healthy, wear a mask and hope that you too will, when you enter my café.

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