When I wrote our editorial last week in regards to Sup. Jill Cox and the email controversy surrounding her, I knew we would hear about it. And we did. Some of you were very complimentary, some not so much, and some downright nasty.

To the lady who left the message on my phone calling me “Jim Underwood’s bitch,” let me reassure you not Jim Underwood or anyone else has ever told us what to write and how to write it. Sure, we get suggestions and tips, like every other media outlet, but everything we print on the news side comes from our staff and our contributors, and is reviewed by the editor prior to publication.

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Nancy Anderson

Well said! I think the majority of county residents are tired of the drama surrounding the conflict between a minority of extremely polarized individuals. Let's listen to those who disagree with us and try to focus on issues that we can work together to solve.

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