There has never been a time more important that today to be connected. With all that’s happening, changing and coming up, we need communication and reliable connections to keep up with it all. Whether it’s to your family, friends around the world, or your immediate community, no one should be out of the loop.

The pandemic has generated changes to lives around the world, not the least of which has been that Americans now need to know where they stand in the line for a COVID-19 vaccine.

We know not everyone reads the newspaper, but it’s just as true that not everyone uses the internet. When renewing print subscriptions, our staff will always mention the renewal includes free, exclusive access to the online newspaper. Quite often, they are told, “No, thank you. I don’t use the internet, I just read the paper.”

Right now, the demographic given top priority by vulnerability to severe illness from a COVID infection is those 65 and up. Within that demographic are many of the same who say “I don’t use the internet.”

However, the changes brought by COVID-19 often happen faster than our print editions can keep up with and our online versions may not reach many in the most vulnerable populations. Vaccine registration slots fill up quickly online or may be full by the time the paper lands in mailboxes.

This is where your friends and neighbors need your help.

We can’t possibly call every elderly resident in Trinity County to ask if they know about the next vaccination event happening in Trinity County. We don’t have a radio station antenna sticking through our roof with which we can announce that registration is open for the next vaccination event. We don’t know your parents, grandparents and elderly friends. But you do and that’s where you can help.

Call them up and ask them. Ask them if they 1) want a vaccine shot, 2) know where to get one, and 3) if you can help them register when the next online registration opens. Perhaps they need a ride, don’t know the number to call or it simply slipped their minds.

We will do our level best to keep you informed about registration and upcoming vaccination events. If you pay attention to our website or social media pages and see a post about an upcoming vaccination POD, pass it along by phone or in person to someone who might not otherwise see it and be ready to help them sign up at Those without internet access can call the vaccine line at 623-8235.

We all want to get back to normal as soon as possible so we can have public events, eat in busy restaurants and see our loved ones for the holidays. We really are in this together and now is the time to connect and help.

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