Wow ... what a pool season we have been fortunate to have this year. The community support is the backbone of our existence. We thank you for sticking with us!

There are many overdue thank yous to deliver. Craig Muir and Trinity River Community Partners helped create a safer community pool while putting us on a path to be successful for many years to come. Weaverville Lion’s Club, Weaverville Rotary Club, Trinity River Lumber Company, Trinity County Life Support, Mary Elaine (Hayfork Pool), Ace Hardware, Trinity Lumber & Building Supply, and Scribner Construction, thank you for always supporting our facility needs! We are safer and dare I say, prettier because of y’all!  Kristy Anderson, thank you for guiding us and helping us keep the public safe!

Ben Varney, you keep our pool crystal clear and Lee Fong Park beautiful!  There are so many individuals as well that volunteer and support this pool. I hope you know and always know how much it is appreciated.

I would like to use today’s personal gratitude attack to acknowledge the amazing team we had this season. These “kids” brought their best to the community to ensure the pool would be available to all. Our leaders Greg, Kelsey, Brad and Tesla began the season early with manual labor, ideas and incredible will to provide the best and safest pool experience. The rest of lifeguard team: Scotty, Rief, Hailey, Dylan, Ethan and Kenny met the challenge of new safety protocols mixed with lifesaving duties with commitment, laughter and positive energy for our members. We were also able to coax Heidi Rupp to be part of our team and share her extensive knowledge on water safety while also leading Aquacise workouts.

Our Jr. Lifeguards, Chloe, Noah, Angie, Joshua, William, Connor, Ean and Taylor, volunteered over 700 hours to keep the pool safe and running this season.

This team of professionals also taught water safety swim lessons throughout the summer making our area youth more water safe! Thank you to First 5 Trinity County for their continued support and commitment in grants that provide free water safety lessons for 5 & Unders!

I get a little sad as each pool season comes to an end. Every team member imprints on my heart. I could write volumes on what each person has brought to keeping this valuable community pool in existence. There is so much more to come and we look forward to working for and with our community. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Much love from a true community pool.

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