Brendan Cole

Brendan Cole

Brendan Cole, son of Richard Cole and stepson of Patricia Ryan, both of Lewiston, passed away in San Francisco on Dec. 3, 2019, after a long illness. He was 32.

Brendan was beloved by his entire family and many friends across California. He always had a twinkle in his eye and a witty comment to make, and had a precocious and shrewd understanding of people.

For many years Brendan visited Lewiston to spend time with Richard and Patti, rafting in the Trinity River with his family. He and his younger brother Conor would dare each other to swim the width of the river behind the house until one of them could no longer stand the frigid water.

Brendan was born in Miami but grew up in Half Moon Bay, where he showed himself to be a natural athlete. He played shortstop and pitcher in Little League baseball and midfielder in soccer, usually coached by his father. He later played defensive end in football, wrestled in middle and high school and belonged to a roller hockey league where he was invited to play with a regional traveling team.

As he grew older he developed mental health and substance issues, and ended up living on the streets of San Francisco despite his family’s and social service agencies’ efforts to get him into appropriate programs.

His problems led to severe physical illnesses, and he developed a fatal heart infection that forced him to be hospitalized repeatedly. On Dec. 3, he was found deceased at a residence in the Mission district of San Francisco.

Along with Richard and Patti, Brendan is also survived by his mother, Elena Stauss of Santa Fe, N.M.; his older brother Christopher of South San Francisco, his older sister Melanie of El Cerrito, Calif., and his younger brother Conor, also of Santa Fe, N.M.

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