The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office received the following calls from Oct. 21 to 27:

Oct. 21

Officer reports a trespass on Levee Road in Weaverville.

A Junction City woman reports while in the process of moving a suspect vandalized her refrigerator.

A man sitting at a table at the back of the Trinity Animal Hospital in Weaverville refuses to leave. Officer admonishes suspect, who leaves.

A Hayfork caller reports getting a call from a subject saying he was from the TCSO and that caller was out of compliance with his sex offender registration. He believes this is harassment.

A deputy reports assisting Environmental Health with a search warrant on County Line Creek Road in Mad River.

A caller reports a suspicious person on Browns Ranch Road in Weaverville, an unknown female screaming for help who then went down over to the Weaver Creek Bridge and into the bushes. Officer contacts subject who is OK but upset about her involvement with the Sheriff’s Office earlier due to her arrest.

A caller reports a call from her sister in Trinity Pines who said her husband assaulted her last night. Victim called 911 saying she got away and is on the side of the road waiting for help. Officer couldn’t find her due to darkness, unmarked properties and locked gates. Dispatch advised she called from Hayfork after getting a ride from a passerby. Officer met with her and provided transport to the Sheriff’s Office. She has plans to leave the area and declined charges.

A caller reports a male on his property on Hawthorne Street breaking items and threatening him with a baton. Second caller hears two males in an altercation. Officer made arrest for public intoxication.

Oct. 22

A caller reports a subject sitting in a chair at the back of ACE refusing to leave after being asked. Subject left prior to TCSO arrival.

A burglary is reported on Browns Mountain Road. Unknown suspects broke into the property and stole a vehicle and various other items.

A caller from Garrett Road in Hyampom reports his neighbor is holding his blue dog hostage. Dog gets out and goes to play with the neighbor’s dog.

Oct. 23

A caller advises hearing of a subject posting on a social media site about writing goodbye letters.

Multiple 911 calls are received about domestic violence in Burnt Ranch, but when an officer contacts them both parties had been drinking and confirmed it “almost” got physical. Situation has calmed and male will be staying in the guest house. Neither wish law enforcement contact.

A caller reports theft from the tip jar at a business on Main Street. Local boys found him and got the $5 back but want to press charges. Suspect arrested on Main Street on a warrant.

At Lowden Lane in Weaverville, a caller reports a suspicious person not leaving her address in his sister’s car. Subject has been drinking and is trying to leave on his motorcycle. Caller heard crash and subject back at house banging on the door. Officer reports an arrest for violation of probation.

Oct. 24

At 12:05 a.m. a caller reports a guy in front of the residence on Masonic Lane and when caller slowed down the guy jumped into a vehicle parked in front. Officer advises arresting a subject who attempted to use another person’s name when contacted.

A warrant arrest is made on Masonic Lane.

At 2:38 a.m., a structure fire is reported on Main Street in Weaverville. Shed fully engulfed.

An abandoned trailer is reported on Highway 36 and when caller phoned the number on the side of it subject had no clue what he was talking about and then texted, swearing and saying “I will see you in the hills,” which where caller comes from is a threat. Caller contacted CHP about abandoned trailer.

A caller reports two men fighting outside the bowling alley. Neither called in as victim.

A fire is reported on property between Vitzthum Gulch and Steel Bridge, and firefighters request law enforcement for entry on a marijuana grow. Cal Fire located two partially burned tree stumps and were going to cite subject for burning on no burn day. Fire was extinguished.

Oct. 25

On Highway 3 in Weaverville, a caller reports finding a hide-a-key container she believes contains meth.

A robbery is reported at Blanchard Flat Road in Douglas City.

A caller reports a male walking along the highway she knows has dementia. Officer provided him a ride home.

A Junction City woman reports her neighbor’s dog killed her cat last night.

A burglary is reported on Rush Creek Road in Lewiston, caller says someone broke into his vacation home, and power was cut. Report pending.

Oct. 26

A Weaverville caller reports finding what appears to be weather station equipment she believes may have been stolen.

A search and rescue is requested in the Hayfork area. Caller got a call from a stranded motorist but was cut off due to cell service, and subject may be out of fuel. Officer is out with the Forest Service, drove roads in the area and was unable to locate subject.

In Mad River, theft of firearms, coins, ladders and kayaks is reported. Caller is uncooperative when contacted and did not wish to continue conversation with officer. Not enough information to investigate.

A caller reports padlocks taken off a shed by her ex.

A veg fire is reported on Drinkwater Gulch in Hayfork. Illegal burn pile.

Oct. 27

Vandalism is reported to a vehicle on Highway 3 in Hayfork. Last night someone threw a brick through the driver side window of caller’s vehicle. Officer advised she and suspect worked situation out to pay for damages.

A Junction City woman reports her husband slapped her in the face. Caller and male began arguing and she hung up. Male arrested.

A caller reports an ongoing issue with neighbor’s dogs coming into her yard, and today a goat was in the yard. Also, the neighbor is growing too close to her property. Information regarding neighbor’s illegal grow will be forwarded to code enforcement.

A structure fire is reported on Washington Street in Weaverville.

There were 18 calls for medical aid for the week.

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