The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office received the following calls from Sept. 23 to 29:

Sept. 23

At 2 a.m. a 911 transfer call is received from CHP. Address is on Trinity Street in Hayfork and caller told CHP there was someone in his house he didn’t know. Caller disconnects and dispatch is unable to recontact. Officer responded to residence, no answer at door or sounds of distress. Nothing seen through window.

In Weaverville, a caller reports his wallet with $1,000 cash, his driver’s license and bank card were stolen.

At Canyon Creek in Junction City, a caller reports sometime last night someone stole two fire pumps from a drop zone. USFS law enforcement to handle.

A structure engulfed in fire is reported on Goose Ranch Road in Lewiston. Per Lewiston fire chief, the blaze in the abandoned mobile home started in mattresses in the bedroom and was likely started by vandals or squatters.

A caller reports an ongoing problem with the transient camp under the bridge by the Golden Age Center. Very loud all night and dogs barking. Officer responds but was unable to locate subjects.

Sept. 24

In Lewiston, a caller reports a burglary of a cabin he’s caring for while the owner is out of state.

In Hayfork, a caller reports a subject came into realty office and threatened to destroy her property with explosives. Caller wants this for information and admonishment.

Burglary is reported in Hyampom. Unknown person broke into a water pump shed and stole gas.

A Hayfork caller reports a male in front of his residence on Morgan Hill Road who appears to be under the influence of drugs and is stumbling in and out of the road. He tried to talk to subject who said someone is trying to beat him up. A neighbor gave the subject a ride to the gas station.

On Cherry Tree Lane in Salyer, a caller reports several males driving up and down the road shining lights in residences.

Sept. 25

At 12:40 a.m. a caller reports subjects evicted from his property on Madrone Avenue in Hayfork are now back. Officer arrived at 2:16 a.m. with caller. Subjects said they had a court order awarding them possession of the property, but couldn’t come up with the document or reach their attorney in middle of the night. Officer will follow up in the day and fulfill caller’s request if the document is not provided.

Petty theft is reported at a business in Weaverville.

A caller reports a subject came into the Diggins last night and charged up approximately $140 using a debit card that had no money on it.

A Salyer caller reports a registered sex offender has been hanging around the bus stop when kids are there. Caller says subject was out watering when kids were out there.

A caller reports her ex-husband kicked her and her daughter out Sept. 21 and is not allowing her to retrieve her vehicle and daughter’s belongings. Standby complete.

Child molestation is reported.

Sept. 26

On Main Street in Weaverville, a caller reports last night someone stole various items from the property.

A caller from Main Street in Weaverville reports last night someone got into her unlocked vehicle and stole everything from her glove box. They also stole a club bar for locking the steering wheel, bungie cords and steel darts.

On Nugget Lane in Weaverville, a caller reports her ex-boyfriend texted he was going to get her fired from her job and run out of town, then showed at her place of employment and spray painted “leave” on her car. Report pending.

A case number is requested for code enforcement on Bear Springs Road in Junction City.

On Main Street in Weaverville, a caller says he has video of a woman taking light bulbs from an outside fixture. She also took items from a customer’s truck and the vehicle of another.

A caller from Pony Express Way in Burnt Ranch reports a package containing dog food was stolen from her porch.

A Hayfork woman reports a subject threatened to cut down the rest of her plants and burn her house down.

Sept. 27

An officer is contacted by Cal Fire which located a backpack with paraphernalia inside at their station.

A caller reports his neighbors are upset with him because his vehicle is blocking the road. Officer spoke with parties and they have come to an agreement. Paperwork says female has access via easement.

A Lewiston caller reports two horses being starved.

A warrant arrest is made on Main Street in Weaverville.

A Weaverville caller reports a dog she walks by every day that appears malnourished, and the chain around his neck is stuck to his skin and fur.

Sept. 28

A caller reports he purchased a jet pump for mining a week ago via money gram for $300 and he believes it wasn’t sent.

A caller reports he witnessed two persons steal two culverts from a site on Highway 36 in Hayfork. One was so large it had to be chained to roof. Theft occurred on a jobsite of subcontractor for Caltrans.

A caller from Deadwood Road reports a van came through the property, went down to the river and occupants were doing drugs. They have left.

Sept. 29

At 2:02 a.m. an officer reports driving past a bar in Weaverville and seeing one female throw a shoe and hit another in the chest while yelling profanities. Officer contacted all who were sent walking. A subject came back a short time later to make sure the bar tab was paid and was cited on a Trinity County warrant.

A warrant arrest is made on Main Street in Weaverville.

A caller reports his son got married yesterday in Burnt Ranch, and the family was all staying there. Caller’s nephew got intoxicated and mouthy and upset the bride’s family, who demanded he leave the property. Caller was going to take the nephew home but reports an assault. There were 25 to 30 persons involved and several with minor injuries. Officer spoke with caller and his son. Both declined prosecution but they called in case other party called.

A caller reports transients that live down by the creek on Levee Road have been yelling at each other all day.

A Weaverville caller reports her husband is pounding on her doors and windows and yelling. Officer admonished him and caller doesn’t wish anything further at this time.

There were 24 calls for medical aid for the week.

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