The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office received the following calls from Sept. 2 to 8:

Sept. 2

A Trinity Pines man reports a person on the property next to him shooting a gun. Caller says everyone is harassing him, have poisoned his dog, and he is waiting for a bullet to hit him.

At 1:18 a.m. a caller reports her friends called and said they are about one nautical mile from KOA campground, out of gas and don’t know how to get home. Officer contacts subjects who were able to get in touch with a friend who will tow them in.

Cal Fire reports a single vehicle accident with three injured.

A caller reports her husband in Douglas City texted for her to send help, that he is surrounded by persons possibly armed. Officer responded with CHP, nothing is missing, no sign of anyone on property, game cameras checked and no sign of activity.

Cultivation is reported on the Shasta Trinity National Forest at Swede Creek.

Vandalism is reported, a vehicle that was keyed in Trinity Center.

Theft of beer from Dollar General is reported.

At 9:29 a.m. emergency activation of a GPS devise is reported. Subject also emailed dispatch he is on a trail in the Yolla Bollys and very ill. Officer contacted CHP air operations who will be available to assist with extraction.

Sept. 3

Two arrests are made on Highway 299 for warrants.

Child molestation is reported.

A caller reports he discovered subjects inside one of his cabins who got in by kicking in a door. Officer advises no vandalism, no witnesses, building is being used by various transients and it’s unknown who caused damage. Caller was advised to seek a restraining order against both. They were given a trespass admonishment.

A caller reports an old mare in Hayfork showing signs of lack of water and “ganted out.” Caller says often there is no feed.

A caller reports unknown suspects broke into his residence through a back kitchen window, and his drums, chainsaw and generator are missing.

A warrant arrest is reported on Main Street Weaverville.

A caller reports a male in her residence who threatened her by holding a piece of wood to her neck. Officer contacted both parties and male was admonished for trespassing.

Sept. 4

A trespasser is reported on Highway 299 in Lewiston. Caller says flashlights were moving around his marijuana garden. Caller says he is standing by old Lewiston Road and has a firearm in his vehicle he will not remove. Officer responded but was unable to locate caller and gate to property was locked.

At 4:45 a.m. an armed robbery is reported at a marijuana garden on Hall City Creek Road in Wildwood.

A caller reports a male in a sleeping bag in a locked emergency exit on Main Street in Weaverville. Subject was given a trespass admonishment and advised of his warrants out of Redding.

Domestic violence is reported in Big Bar.

A sexual battery is reported.

Felony narcotics are reported on Highway 36 in Hayfork.

A caller reports a subject continues to come to the Blue Barn and harass customers and employees.

Sept. 5

Numerous reports come in of vegetation fires.

On Main Street in Weaverville, a caller reports a verbal altercation between herself and a customer who’s in a vehicle with paraphernalia visible. Officer contacted subjects in the vehicle, no paraphernalia visible, no DUI.

A warrant arrest is made on Main Street in Weaverville.

A caller reports a subject was choked out in a domestic violence incident last night, and she reached out to him.

A caller reports dependent or elder abuse in Weaverville.

A caller reports a guy throwing things in the creek at Browns Ranch Road behind the trailer park. Officer arrived and met with caller and several others. They had contacted the homeless man who was already in the process of moving his things out of the area.

Medical aid is requested at the Canyon Creek Trailhead.

A caller reports two men fighting in the parking lot. Officer advises arresting two for public intoxication.

Sept. 6

A caller says his duffle bag was stolen from his vehicle on Five Cent Gulch Street with medications and laptop.

A caller reports she was scammed out of approximately $30,000 through an online romance scam. Officer is unable to contact her, no answer.

A caller reports he had two heifers killed Monday by dogs. They were housed at the school in Hayfork.

A caller reports his partner on Westridge Road in Hayfork on his commercial grow harvested the crop and took it all. Caller was informed by friends while out of town. Partner denied the harvest, hung up and won’t answer. Caller was advised this is a civil issue.

Medical aid is requested for a vehicle accident at Covington Mill.

Sept. 7

A warrant arrest is made on Highway 299 at Washington Street.

At 4:08 p.m. a structure fire is reported on Morgan Hill Road with a person possibly trapped inside. Hayfork Fire chief reports a passerby alerted the disabled occupant and called 911. Fire was to 10 by 10 foot section of exterior and occupant was evacuated safely. Suspicious fire is under investigation.

A caller reports her boyfriend was assaulted by some campers at Squirrel Flat. The boyfriend does not wish charges.

Sept. 8

Vandalism is reported at Five Cent Gulch Street, Weaverville. Caller reports his ex dropped someone off at his house while he wasn’t there, and the guy was throwing rocks at his residence and appears to have kicked his dog. He has the incident on video.

A Weaverville woman reports a man is intoxicated and on her porch refusing to leave.

A homeless camp is reported at the creek behind the senior center, and a man and woman are yelling at each other.

A Big Bar woman reports her neighbor is crying, screaming, hitting herself and pacing back and forth outside and caller is afraid she’ll hurt herself. Officer responded, it’s quiet, lights out and appears she went to bed.

There were 22 calls for medical aid for the week.

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