The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office received the following calls from June 3 to 9:

June 3

An officer reports a fight on Main Street and making an arrest for public intoxication.

A deputy reports he got a call from a subject advising of unknown persons sleeping in his garage in Hayfork. Officer contacted suspect who was a friend of the owner but was admonished not to sleep there.

In Trinity Center, a caller reports her neighbor keeps letting his five dogs out and they have started to have a pack mentality and are terrorizing people.

A dog is reported to be attacking poultry on Deadwood Road. Officer responded, and dog was taken into custody by the animal control officer.

Felony narcotics reported on Tule Creek Road, Hayfork.

A deputy reports a warrant arrest on Tule Creek Road.

A caller reports he sold an item on eBay and the recipient said the items weren’t what were purchased. Caller received the package back filled with junk.

An attempted burglary is reported at East Weaver Creek Road. Caller says after returning home last night he discovered someone broke into his residence. Officer advises there is an approximately 3-foot diameter tree resting on top of the residence since June 1. Officer spoke to the neighbor who stated the rear door has been open since the tree fell. Officer advises the caller believes there is a portal open over the town and that’s why bad things are happening.

A caller reports he was threatened by a former roommate.

June 4

In Trinity Center, a caller reports her package containing her medications worth about $45 was taken from her box on the 20th.

Marijuana cultivation is reported on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest in the Hayfork area.

On Mill Street in Weaverville, a caller reports two transients on the back side of her property refusing to leave. Officer arrests two on felony warrants.

An officer reports making an arrest on Mill Street for misdemeanor narcotics.

At Rush Creek Road, a caller reports a large truck pulled into the resort and subjects jumped from the vehicle and assaulted her husband. Caller says they were yelling about methamphetamine. Her husband went outside to confront them, fell and was struck multiple times by the subjects. One vehicle left toward Lewiston. She says she has never seen them before, and her husband declines medical aid.

June 5

A caller reports a young man walking on Oregon Street with a large knife, waving it around. CHP was unable to locate him.

A caller from Dollar General reports a female keeps coming on the property, taking items and then leaving.

A caller reports her friend took several items, including her debit card, resulting in a $1,500 loss.

A caller says she had to be taken by ambulance to Mercy and had shoulder surgery. She couldn’t get ahold of her husband to pick her up and drove herself home to find his truck and dog there but no sign of him. Subject entered into the missing persons system.

A caller reports someone tried to break in to her business, the Water Bar. Officer investigated door jamb but didn’t see any disturbance.

June 6

A Weaverville woman reports her son with mental illness was last seen Saturday/Sunday around midnight, and he took her car.

A warrant arrest is made at the jail lobby.

TCSO helps Fish and Wildlife with a search warrant at an address on Barker Valley Road.

A caller reports child molestation.

Trespassing is reported at Victory Lane in Weaverville. Caller says subject at the top of Head Rush is refusing to leave, flipping him off and cursing at him.

Grand theft is reported on Hyampom Road in Hayfork.

Activation of a GPS distress signal is reported at Canyon Creek Lake.

A caller reports a male swinging an ax around while talking to another male in front of the mill.

June 7

In Hayfork, a caller reports someone broke into his work shed and stole tools.

In Junction City, a caller reports continuing signs of mining activity at his Canyon Creek property.

A caller reports over the last few months every time he leaves his residence in Burnt Ranch something goes missing, from socks and underwear to now his entertainment center is gone.

Domestic violence is reported.

A deputy reports a failure to yield at Browns Mountain Road in Lewiston. Officers have one in custody.

A disturbance with yelling and honking is reported in the area of Gilzean Road in Junction City.

Officer advises parties were admonished and separated.

At 11:30 p.m. a caller reports she is camping at Lowden Park for a bike race tomorrow and there is a group of about five teens being rowdy and playing loud music. They are gone when an officer arrives.

June 8

A caller reports getting a Facebook message from a subject who said she was at a property in Big Bar and someone shot at her, threw rocks through their truck window and busted it. Caller says subject told him she is stuck on the property unable to drive the vehicle. Officers were unable to locate her, and road address provided does not exist. Both sides of river were checked.

In Weaverville a caller reports two cars and two trucks, multiple subjects in a verbal altercation, possible road rage.

A Weaverville caller reports domestic violence, saying he was hit multiple times on different days and she also spit in his face. Caller was arrested for domestic battery and false imprisonment.

June 9

At 5:22 a.m. a caller from English Lane in Hayfork reports a home invasion. Officers responded. Per Sheriff Saxon, the person reporting the incident was unable to provide clear information, there was no evidence of a crime, and the follow up investigation had numerous inconsistencies.

In Trinity Center, a caller reports his license plate stolen off his truck on Lakeview Drive.

A missing juvenile is reported on Riverview Road in Douglas City.

On Highway 299 in Burnt Ranch, a caller reports his neighbor struck him several times in his face with his fist, and a second subject came out with a gun and fired multiple rounds at his legs. He was not hit and did not require medical aid. Officer contacted caller, report pending.

There were 26 calls for medical aid for the week.

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