The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office received the following calls from Oct. 7 to 13:

Oct. 7

A caller reports he is at work and monitoring his security cameras at home, and he can hear loud banging or gunshots coming from his residence. Officer responded, nothing heard or seen.

A Weaverville caller reports a suspect who’s been told not to come onto the property returned and was harassing her, flipping her off when she told him to leave the business property. Caller says suspect has a knife on him. Caller was contacted by officer who is unable to locate suspect who is gone on arrival.

A Holiday Market employee reports trespassing by a subject who has been advised to stay away by employees and deputies due to problems in the past. Today he stole money out of the tip jar. Caller declined to press charges at this time but will call back if he returns.

Deputies report issuing citations for code violations in Douglas City on Highway 3 and in Hayfork on Dirt Road, Highway 3, Big Creek Road, Rose Lane, Big Creek Road, Woods Lane, Brady Road and Duncan Creek Lane.

An unknown male who turned on the sprinkler system at a property is reported on Steel Bridge Road.  Officer arrests subject on a Glen County warrant for failure to appear and obstructing an officer.

A structure fire is reported on Spruce Lane in Junction City.

Oct. 8

An officer reports cultivation on North Meadow Lane in Hayfork. Report pending.

A caller reports while walking her dog along Highway 299 in Weaverville this morning, she passed a suspect in the area of Corner Mart who spit on her. She declined to press charges or make a citizen arrest but will seek a restraining order.

On Deadwood Road in Lewiston, a PG&E employee reports he has a crew that needs to work on powerlines on Deadwood Road near a residence, and requests a deputy stand by so subject does not interfere while they are working. Due to other calls pending, caller was notified officer could not stand by but to call immediately if subject started causing problems. Per sergeant’s instructions, if PG&E requests a standby they are required to provide the Sheriff’s Office with a valid court order granting permission to access subject’s property. TCSO will only be available to standby for 30 minutes. Officer attempted to call the PG&E back after they advised subject refused to open the gate. Officer was unable to contact PG&E.

Hayfork fire chief reports a report of a black plume of smoke visible in the Trinity Pines area. Dispatch gets additional calls reporting it is a structure fire and possible propane tanks on fire.

A caller reports a number of suspicious transients/drug addicts squatting in an abandoned concrete house on the west side of the Lazy BB Mobile Home Park. They have been seen going in and out with weapons, loitering and watching residents come and go from their houses.

Officers report issuing citations for code violations in Hayfork on Duncan Creek Lane, Summit Creek Road and Kingsbury Road.

A Hayfork caller reports a subject is on her property refusing to leave. Caller says the suspect broke out a pickup truck window owned by caller, struck her in the face and shoved her.

A Hayfork woman reports her son and his girlfriend were in a physical fight and then left toward town in a vehicle. She advised this is an ongoing issue. Officer advises on contact caller sounded extremely intoxicated, was uncooperative and argumentative.

Oct. 9

A Weaverville caller reports fraud by a subject who got money from her savings account. All transactions occurred in Hollywood. Report pending.

Officers report code violations in Post Mountain on Trinity Pines Drive, Road Gulch Road, Pine Forest Drive and Bear Rock View.

A warrant arrest is made on Oregon Street in Weaverville.

An unstable person is reported in Lewiston. Caller says she observed him enter the garage with a pistol which she took, and he said he didn’t want a divorce and was going to kill himself. She called her neighbor to pick him up and they are en route to the Sheriff’s Office.

Officers report code violations in Post Mountain on Pine Forest Drive, Bear Rock Road, Post Mountain Road and North Star Court.

Misdemeanor narcotics are reported on Oregon Street and Highway 299 in Weaverville.

On Short Street in Weaverville, a caller reports a male threw something at the window and said, “Leave my home boys alone.” No deputies on duty, CHP checked area, parties separated but a deputy should contact in the morning. Officer advised, verbal disturbance only at this time.

Oct. 10

A caller reports seeing smoke from her neighbor’s property on Mountain View Street. Firefighter advises small burn pile extinguished and homeowners educated on burn restrictions.

Misdemeanor narcotics are reported on Highway 299 in Weaverville.

A warrant arrest is made on Highway 299 at Washington Street.

Officers report code violations on Post Mountain Road and Northridge Road.

In Wildwood, a caller reports at approximately 3 to 4 a.m. several persons entered his commercial cannabis green house and cut down about 150 plants. $80,000 to $100,000 worth of marijuana was taken. Officer contacted caller but advised of the drive time to get there caller hung up twice. Officer will be driving out to caller’s location. Report pending.

Cultivation is reported on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest in Big Bar.

A sexual battery is reported in Lewiston.

Oct. 11

At 12:04 a.m. a caller reports an intoxicated male found in a ditch who became combative when woken and started running around people’s yards on Main Street in Weaverville. Suspect arrested by CHP.

Theft is reported on Masonic Lane in Weaverville. Caller says large rolls of insulation and boards were taken.

A caller reports theft of his digital camera inside a backpack in an unlocked vehicle on Main Street in Weaverville.

Several warrant arrests are reported on Riverview Road in Douglas City.

A caller reports fraud after receiving a call from Lewiston. Caller is a retired electrician and not working anymore. Subject went to someone’s door and used his name.  

On Horsetail Hill in Hayfork a caller reports she returned home to find food had been taken from the refrigerator.

A report comes in of a burglary in progress on Highway 3 in Hayfork. An arrest is made for public intoxication and burglary.

Officer reports misdemeanor narcotics on Main Street in Weaverville.

Oct. 12

An illegal burn is reported on East Weaver Creek Road in Weaverville.

A trespasser is reported on Main Street Weaverville. He was contacted and moved. Later he was found on property going through the garbage and is now lying on a bench pretending to be asleep.

Oct. 13

Domestic violence in progress is reported on Main Street in Weaverville. It is verbal only.

A caller reports she got a text from her daughter’s boyfriend cursing and telling her to die. Officer called all hotels in Weaverville and none have guests with the names provided and no hotel has the room number provided. Officer later spoke with caller who said her daughter is with her sister and safe.

A caller reports a subject ransacking a house on Mill Street. officer spoke to landlord and subject had permission to be there and gather belongings.

There were 25 calls for medical aid for the week.

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