The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office received the following calls from Sept. 30 to Oct. 6:

Sept. 30

A caller from Frontier Fuel reports a suspect filled up their propane tank on Sept. 29 and drove off without paying. Four gallons valued at $11.

A Weaverville caller reports a man walking westbound on Main Street wearing only rolled up jeans, yelling and acting irrational. Officers contacted subject who had no warrants. He was admonished.

In Zenia, a caller reports his neighbor’s dogs from the marijuana grow above him killed two of his sheep and he’s still missing three ewes.

Oct. 1

A caller reports at about midnight last night she heard a dog barking by the bridge on Browns Ranch Road and then a shot, and no more barking.

An officer reports citations issued for code violations in Hayfork at Glass Lane, Highway 3 and Mill Camp. Citations are also issued in Mad River at Hastings Tie Road and Dogwood Lane.

On Lowden Lane in Weaverville, a caller reports a suspicious female acting incoherent, ranting and raving who may be under the influence and a danger to others. Officer arrested suspect for criminal charges. Report pending.

Oct. 2

A vegetation fire is reported under the Weaver Street bridge. Firefighter reports small warning fire.

A caller says he is touring on his bike and decided to camp behind the Douglas City Fire Hall. At about 4 a.m. a male woke caller up going through his things. A backpack with cell phone, charger and cookstove are missing. Report pending.

Officers report code violations in Hayfork on Shady Acres, Kings Road, West Oak Avenue and Christie Road.

A Lewiston caller reports a burglary of her storage shed.

An officer reports misdemeanor narcotics.

A squatter is reported on a property in Hayfork.

Oct. 3

At 10:33 a.m. a caller reports he heard a gunshot on Hawthorne Street, and he saw a man run from the area. Officer contacted residents and cleared residence. No evidence of shots fired inside, several in the home said they believed the noise to have been a rock hitting metal, although one resident thought it was a gunshot and neighbors believe it was gunshot. Officer checked around residence but unable to locate anyone injured or signs of someone injured.

A caller from CVS in Weaverville reports two females waiting on medication got into a verbal altercation, and when he asked them to leave one threw an item at him.

Felony narcotics are reported at Lee Fong Park. Report pending.

Officer requests case number for code violations in Hayfork on Barker Valley Road and Wingert Road.

Oct. 4

At 4:57 a.m. Trinity Hospital ER reports an intoxicated woman came in who appears to have harmed herself. CHP responds and advises subject punched a mirror attempting to harm herself. She is not violent, may self-commit, ER is OK with her remaining until dayshift arrives.

Marijuana cultivation is reported on Meadow Lane in Hayfork.

A caller reports his utility cargo trailer was taken some time between Oct. 2 and 4.

A warrant arrest is made on Short Street in Weaverville.

On Steiner Flat Road in Douglas City a caller reports a male outside the building who is intoxicated and making her uncomfortable. There was a verbal argument and now he is outside accosting people. Subject left on foot prior to officer arrival. CHP arrests subject.

A warrant arrest is made on Highway 3 in Hayfork.

Misdemeanor narcotics are reported on Highway 3 in Hayfork.

On Main Street in Weaverville, caller says a group of four to five people in a physical altercation with a male pushed into the roadway, causing her to swerve.

On Main Street in Weaverville a caller reports a man squatting in front of a room just up from hers with his pants down. Now he’s climbing into a boat across the parking lot from her room. Suspect, who is a female, was admonished and kicked off the property.

A caller from Nugget Lane in Weaverville reports a male in the lobby refusing to leave the restaurant. Subject is gone on arrival but was later stopped in the area of the Douglas City Store.

On Steiner Flat Road a deputy reports turning a DUI over to the CHP.

Oct. 5

A caller from Glen Road in Weaverville reports a man threw a bike down in front of his residence and started screaming and yelling, then ran. Subject was counseled.

A caller reports she has a restraining order against a subject who was at her residence about 30 minutes ago in her yard. Told to leave subject grabbed her by the neck and shoulders and pushed her to the ground. Caller has left the area so unsure if suspect is still at residence.

Oct. 6

A trespasser is reported in Weaverville. Caller reports subject came into the store and when she told him to leave he threatened to hit her. Caller says suspect stole items from the store yesterday.

Public intoxication is reported in Weaverville. Subject was picked up by a female who appears intoxicated. CHP notified.

A caller reports his brother attacked him. Caller says suspect was throwing boulders at his truck and was punching him, and caller had to pepper spray suspect. Suspect is walking down Oregon Ridge Road the road carrying boulders. Officer advises suspect arrested for battery.

A caller reports several people have broken into an abandoned house in Salyer. She was told the people inside were drug addicts and possibly armed, and responsible for several thefts in the area. On Highway 36 in Mad River, a caller reports a male was kicked out of the bar for fighting and is now in the parking lot waiting for subjects to come out. Officer advised.

On Masonic Lane in Weaverville, a caller reports a male opened both her gates and was banging and yelling at the back door. Multiple other calls come in regarding a male, no shirt, blood on hands, ringing on doorbells asking for a towel because he had been exposed to gasoline. Subject was transported to Trinity Hospital. He is victim of a battery but very uncooperative.

There were 26 calls for medical aid for the week.

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