The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office received the following reports from June 10 to 16:

June 10

A caller from Hayfork reports a vegetation fire on Brady Road. Hayfork Fire advises fire located on property north of Frontier Fuel.

In Mad River, caller reports her boyfriend assaulted her, grabbed her and dragged her into the yard. Suspect ripped the battery and terminals out of her vehicle and left. She declined medical. She refused to leave the scene, only provided a name of a friend and refused to provide an address if she leaves.

Code violations are reported on Oliva Drive, Hayfork.

Child molestation is reported.

A missing 9-year-old is reported in the area of East Weaver Campground. CHP reports juvenile located, no medical needed.

On Schoolhouse Road in Burnt Ranch a caller reports a suspect, possible caller’s son, broke into his residence and stole firearms, beer, tools and other items. Report pending.

June 11

Petty theft is reported on Moon Alley in Weaverville. Caller says suspects entered and stole earrings.

A warrant arrest is made in Weaverville.

A caller reports getting a call for help from a residence in Junction City, woman is screaming for help and they could hear things breaking in the background.

A search and rescue is reported at Canyon Creek Lake.

A power pole is reported arching near trees in the Slattery Pond Mobile Home Park. Junction City Fire and Cal Fire advise TPUD on-scene and problem mitigated.

A mobile home on fire is reported on Kingsbury Road Hayfork. Hayfork Fire advises fire extinguished.

June 12

A caller reports a teenage male walking down Highway 299 toward Del Loma acting delusional and not knowing where or who he was, only that he’d left a friend’s house but couldn’t remember how to get back. CHP contacts juvenile and transports him to CPS. Juvenile arrested and taken to Juvenile Hall.

Medical aid is requested at Trinity Powerhouse Road in Lewiston for an ATV crash.

Code violations are reported on Highway 36 in Hayfork.

A warrant arrest is made on Main Street in Weaverville.

In Trinity Center, a caller reports his now ex-girlfriend has been hitting him and breaking things around his house. Officer advises making an arrest.

June 13

At 6:36 a.m. a caller says he was flagged down by a male saying he tried to kick a male and female off the Laundromat property in Weaverville who were sleeping in a tent. Officer responded and found reported subject gone on arrival, no tent or persons present.

A caller reports a suspect stole a lawnmower, 10 gallons of gas and a weed eater. Caller only wants a trespass warning to his brother.

An assault is reported in Hayfork.

Cultivation is reported in Trinity Center.

Vandalism to a car is reported in Mad River.

A subject refusing to let another use a deeded access to get to a property is reported. Caller says every time the person tries to use the access the suspect pulls a gun and threatens to shoot.

A caller reports a van hauling a trailer dumped off multiple cats at Douglas City.

A warrant arrest is reported in Douglas City.

A caller reports someone was heard screaming for help in the area of the UPS terminal in Weaverville. Person was seen lying on the ground. Warrant cite only.

June 14

A caller reports trespassing with heavy equipment on Ward Placer Place in Weaverville. The other party disagrees about the property line. Officer researches and finds the work was being done on the subject’s own property.

A caller reports a female lying on the right side of Highway 299. CHP finds that subject is OK and trying to hitchhike out of town.

In Ruth, a caller reports felony assault she has been getting thirdhand information about that a subject has been brandishing a firearm, threatening people, and broke a subject’s nose a few days ago.

A caller reports a vehicle at the church property looks like it was broken into.

June 15

At 3:29 a.m. a report comes in of shots fired in the area of Highway 36 in Mad River.

A caller reports she is caretaking for her elderly neighbor whose husband is in the hospital, and she has dementia and erratic behavior and has been trying to get out of the house and beating on the door.

Shots fired are reported in the area of Mountain View Street in Weaverville. Per deputy there was a ceremony at the funeral home on Masonic.

A powerline is reported down in Hawkins Bar.

A vegetation fire is reported in the area of Bowerman Ridge, Trinity Center.

In Douglas City on Riverview Road, a caller reports a subject has broken out windows in his trailer and is yelling at his neighbors that he’s going to kill them. Officer advises making an arrest for violation of probation and a separate case for two warrants.

June 16

A Weaverville woman reports she just had a fight with her boyfriend and he is threatening to break her things. Officer advises contacting both parties who advise it was not physical. Parties separated.

At Hawthorne Street in Weaverville, a caller reports a male on Moon Alley directly behind her home aggressively swinging a baseball bat. Officer was unable to locate subject.

A caller reports seeing smoke at the Summit of Boulder Lake Road. Trinity Center and Coffee Creek fire are released by USFS which is handling.

A caller reports getting a call from his neighbor that multiple people have been seen coming and going from his residence in Salyer that should not be occupied.

A caller from Holiday Market reports a subject has trespassed three days in a row. Officer issues admonishment.

A caller reports this morning her boyfriend and their neighbor got in a verbal altercation and this afternoon when she came home he was standing in the easement recording her. It’s an ongoing issue. Past attempt to get a restraining order was denied.

A warrant arrest is made on Highway 299 in Douglas City.

Public intoxication is reported on Main Street, subject is refusing to leave the store as caller is trying to close. Officer advises suspect arrested.

There were 28 calls for medical aid for the week.

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