The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office received the following reports from July 1 to 7:

July 1

At 6:08 a.m. a caller reports a body that appears to be discarded by East Weaver Creek at Highway 299. Officers advise subject is sleeping.

A caller reports a subject was throwing rocks at caller’s vehicle. Caller attempted to stop him and suspect is now walking with caller following him in a pickup. One detained and case number for assault requested.

In Mad River, a caller reports the fuel hose to their Southern Trinity Health Clinic transport bus was cut along with several garden hoses.

In Hyampom, a caller reports people trespassing on the property of an 81-year-old and tampering with the waterline.

In Burnt Ranch, a caller reports subjects came on his property, accused a subject of stealing and assaulted her.

The USFS reports a Hazmat incident, about 50 gallons of hydraulic fluid spilled on a service road in the Hayfork area. USFS dispatch advises all units have cleared the scene.

In Ruth, a caller reports suspects took a neighbor’s puppies down to the river and shot them. Other persons say the dogs were full grown and extremely aggressive, and the owner has refused to properly confine them.

Vegetation fire is reported in North Wood Estates area of Trinity Center, less than one acre.

A caller reports his ex-girlfriend stole his bank card and is trying to use it in Weaverville.

A vegetation fire is reported on Highway 36 and Mad River Road. USFS reports one acre and rapid spread. Officer later advises fire is under control.

July 2

At 2:27 a.m. a possible prowler is reported on Barbara Avenue in Weaverville. Caller says there was a subject outside her home who said he was part of the Sheriff’s Office. Officer checked but was unable to locate subject. Hospital staff advised seeing a subject in the area and will advise if he returns.

Trespassing is reported on Easter Avenue in Weaverville.

A burglary is reported at Hayfork Dump Road, unknown suspect broke front gate pin, nothing missing.

An unstable person is reported on Industrial Park Way who started yelling, throwing things, pacing back and forth and jumped out of his seat while yelling at the caller when he was told he wouldn’t be receiving a service. Subject admonished.

On South Ford Road in Salyer, a caller reports seeing smoke about two miles up from her residence. Another caller advised she thinks a subject who has been acting erratic started the fire. USFS canceled the evacuation orders.

An agency assist is requested at South Fork Road in Salyer to contact subject possibly involved in an arson. Person has history of assaultive behavior.

In Hayfork, a caller reports people are coming onto her property and that of neighbors, cutting trees and bulldozing. Officer contacted caller who is not the property owner. Company is working on the adjacent property and she was upset the songbirds are gone.

July 3

Theft of an ATV from a property on Senger Road in Junction City is reported.

Child abuse is reported at a campground in Lewiston.

July 4

On Highway 299 in Weaverville, ACO reports two dogs dropped off by passersby, a male boxer mix and female terrier mix with cast on front leg. Terrier was taken to animal hospital.

Theft of ice chests at Hayward Flat is reported.

A caller reports a lady standing by the road in Trinity Center, dirty and with no shoes. He stopped and asked if she was OK and she asked for a ride. He dropped her off at the church and would like someone to check on her. She was arrested for local warrants.

A caller reports someone shot a flare off that started a fire a mile north of Captains Point at Trinity Lake.

In Trinity Center, a caller reports a female came onto her mother-in-law’s property, was heavily intoxicated, and passed out in the yard. She was escorted off the property and is currently walking.

July 5

At 1:40 a.m. a caller reports a male and female yelling at each other on the roadway in Weaverville. Female subject was telling her friend he did not know how to pick blackberries off the bushes.

A warrant arrest is made on Halls Alley in Weaverville.

In Hayfork, a caller reports a subject harassed him as he was walking home from work, wanted to fight him and then left the area and stated he’d be back at his house later. Contacted by officers, caller was irate and cutting off officers trying to resolve the situation. All parties involved were admonished and counseled.

In Hayfork, a caller says he was coming home from work and got a call from his wife that a relative barged into their home and stated a verbal altercation, then left and said he would come back with a gun. Officers made multiple attempts to contact the caller.

A large bonfire is report on Trinity Lake’s shores. All admonished.

A caller reports unsafe boating at Ruth Lake, she saw someone fall off and they had to circle back. She believes they are intoxicated and at unsafe speeds. They are gone on arrival of officer.

July 6

An officer contacts a subject west of Steel Bridge on Highway 299 at Douglas City. He said he was assaulted last night by several men. Officer is investigating.

A warrant arrest is made in Weaverville.

At 12:21 a.m. a vegetation fire is reported at Ziegler Point Hawkins bar in Salyer. Hawkins Bar Fire was requested to assist.

Warrant arrests are reported in Douglas City at Steiner Flat and in Weaverville on Mill Street, Weaver Street and Nugget Lane.

A caller reports a couple had their items taken while at Tunnel Flat in Salyer.

July 7

A caller reports she got a call from her friend who was with a group of campers in Trinity Center, and the friend left because they were fighting and beat her up. The friend declined prosecution, parties separated.

A caller reports he had been camping at Minersville and went for a day hike, and when he returned to his campsite numerous personal items were missing.

A caller reports two males, one possibly with a handgun to the other, on Masonic Lane. Officer spoke to two persons, altercation between brothers, no gun involved and parties separated.

There were 23 calls for medical aid for the week.

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