The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office received the following calls from May 26 to June 2:

May 26

A domestic altercation is reported in Lewiston.

Separate warrant arrests are made in Weaverville and Hayfork.

In Mad River, a caller reports he and his family just showed up at his property and there are several open buildings. Caller requests a deputy to respond to clear them before his family enters. A DFW unit advises being flagged down by caller and will assist. Report pending.

May 27

On Mad River Road, a caller reports his cabin was broken into and they took his gun safe and his side by side. He doesn’t think any guns were in the safe.

On Van Duzen Road in Mad River, a caller reports someone tried to get into his house. The trim and door handle are broken, and the window has been pulled out of place.

On Cascade Drive in Lewiston, a caller reports multiple cats being shot and there is a dead cat in the yard. Cat was picked up and examined at shelter. There was no evidence of a bullet but there was a large puncture wound possibly from a canine. Cat was euthanized due to injuries.

A burglary is reported on Zenia Lake Mountain Road.

A caller requests public assistance at the Minersville Campground. They need to leave, have no vehicle, and the group they were with already left. They have money for a room and taxi, but there are no taxis in the area. Officer advises subjects were provided courtesy transport to a motel.

May 28

In Hayfork, a caller reports a male was living on her property and left without paying what he owed. Now he is stating he will come back to the property and has made threats to her.

A caller reports he was talking to a woman on Facebook who he exchanged inappropriate photos with, and she is now blackmailing him. He was advised to seek an attorney.

An officer reports code violations in Weaverville on Chaps Mountain Road and Elderberry Road.

A caller says her Realtor called to advise there are people squatting on her property in Hayfork. Officer contacted caller who said she has someone en route to run them off, and if she needs further assistance she will recontact.

Grand theft of a generator and multiple tools is reported from Cottonwood Avenue in Hayfork.

In Weaverville, a caller reports a male under a tree across from Coast Central Credit Union yelling about hanging from a tree. Officer was unable to locate subject.

Illegal dumping is reported on Big Creek Road.

May 29

In Douglas City, a caller reports a verbal and physical altercation between two persons.

A caller reports her ex-boyfriend emailed her an intimate video of them and said he was going to post it on social media. She’d like advice. Officer spoke to caller who wishes him admonished. Officer left message and will attempt to contact subject at address.

On Landacre Road in Hayfork, a caller reports her son is breaking up her home and requests law enforcement.

A caller reports smoke and flames she can see from Lowden Park. Fire units respond and locate a small fire in the area of Hidden Pond Road, fire was control burn that broke containment, half-acre scorched.

A caller reports her husband had a gun brandished at him. Husband said after he drove around a female on Highway 299 they both stopped in road construction near Junction City. Subject began honking and making rude gestures at him. He said he left his vehicle in road construction to confront her, and when he got to her vehicle she pulled a pistol and pointed it at him. CHP took over investigation.

A small vegetation fire is reported between Pine Cove and Tunnel Road due to a powerline down. Cal Fire advises there was no fire.

A caller reports a female in front of Dollar General threatening people with a baseball bat. Officer contacted her and she was cooperative and said she did have her baseball bag with glove, ball and bat and she set it down when she went inside. She said when the man confronted her she couldn’t understand everything he said because he appeared drunk. She has since put her stuff in a friend’s car.

May 30

A warrant arrest is made on Washington Street at Lowden Lane.

A Weaverville caller reports he has been having issues with his neighbor who came to his residence today and flipped out. In the same area, a caller reports her neighbor accused her of calling the cops on him and walked toward her car aggressively and said he will ‘f--- up her world.” She wants documentation only.

A caller reports last night she left her vehicle in the parking lot of Weaverville Gas and went to the 49er to take a friend diapers, leaving her sunroof open. Caller says two males and one female took approximately $800 worth of items.

Smoke is spotted up East Weaver Creek Trail in the wilderness. USFS was advised.

In Hayfork, a caller reports a man yelling and causing problems. He has one shoe on and is trying to burn a piece of paper.

On Garrett Road in Hyamom, a caller reports multiple lightning strikes and a possible vegetation fire. Multiple callers report fire. Fire chief said they will investigate.

In Hyampom, a caller reports trespassers who are pot growers on his property. He says they are armed. There is no answer when officer tries to call several times and unable to leave message.

May 31

In Douglas City, a caller reports her boyfriend punched her in the face. Officer advises making an arrest.

Child molestation is reported.

In Hayfork, a caller reports a male kicked out of multiple businesses this morning, was throwing beer cans at cars and is now sitting on the side of the highway across from the Fairgrounds.

On Hawthorne Street in Weaverville a caller reports two pit bulls from across the street have been attacking her animals and chased her son. ACO spoke with a number of subjects staying at the property, most of whom have dogs, and advised them to keep the dogs on the property and go to the rabies clinic the next day in Weaverville.

Elder or dependent abuse is reported.

ACO speaks with the health department regarding a fox bite victim. It is unlikely the fox will be found, and victim should have preventative rabies treatment. DFW advised.

A caller reports two males fighting in Weaverville, and one has a sword. CHP is out with subjects. It was verbal only. Parties were counseled and separated.

June 1

On Riverview Road in Douglas City, a caller reports his girlfriend is drunk and trying to smash the windows on his truck. Caller says she also punched him in the face a few times.

In Hayfork on Highway 3, a caller reports subjects broke into a business and liquor caps are on the ground.

In Coffee Creek a caller reports a package containing a vehicle water pump taken from the mail box on the road.

In Lewiston, a caller reports theft of arms of a gate.

A caller reports a male exposing himself at the Lewiston Peddler’s Fair in Lewiston. CHP was unable to locate him.

In Mad River, a caller reports two firearms were taken from his property.

Reports come in of downed power lines, lightning caused fires and downed trees.

June 2

A caller reports seeing smoke on the ridge between B Bar K and Douglas City about a mile and a half down. DCFD was released from Bar Incident by Cal Fire.

A caller reports neglected horses in Lewiston.

A caller reports vandalism to her tire.

A Salyer woman reports her neighbor threatening her dogs again.

In Ruth, a caller reports his neighbor’s son swung at him a couple times but he was able to block.

On Bartlett Lane in Weaverville, a caller reports he answered a knock at his door and nobody was there, but two men in a vehicle outside were drinking and were argumentative when he asked what they were doing there. He asked them to leave and they did.

There were 32 calls for medical aid over the eight-day period.

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