The Trinity county Sheriff’s Office received the following calls from Aug. 5 to 11:

Aug. 5

In Mad River, a caller reports he was beat up “pretty good” by his girlfriend and wants to speak to a deputy to have the incident on record but does not want charges. He declines medical. It happened at her house and he wouldn’t provide location.

On Levee Road in Weaverville, a caller reports an unknown suspect tried to break into her place sometime last night by trying to slide a window open. Officer checked window for fingerprints, none found, no damage. Caller requests extra patrol.

A caller reports while at Frontier Fuel, a male driving a Blazer with Utah plates approached in an angry manner, yelled at him and hit him in the face. He’s not injured.

Vandalism is reported on Martin Road in Weaverville. The windows, showers, cabinets, stove door, etc., have all been broken and pulled off his 5th wheel.

At 4:34 p.m., a caller reports a felony assault on Weaver Street. A female was attacked with a sword.

On Pine Avenue in Hayfork, a caller reports the neighbors called his son and told him they had lots of guns and no problem going to the caller’s house and shooting everybody. Officer spoke with caller, incident doesn’t meet criteria for criminal threats. Caller took down information on getting a restraining order.

A warrant arrest is made on Mill Street in Weaverville.

Aug. 6

In Hayfork a caller reports a guy has been staying at his residence and won’t leave. Caller hit the subject, who then swung at him. Technically caller committed an assault, but there was not report from the victim.

A Weaverville man says he and his wife got in an argument while walking home and she walked away. She has not come home. Both had been drinking.

Vandalism is reported at the Hayfork Dump.

A caller reports three males with sidearms and possibly AK-47 rifles standing around a pickup at Holiday Market. Officer is unable to locate subjects, but they might have been USFS/FBI agents prepping for a warrant search.

A vegetation fire is reported at West Valley Court, Post Mountain.

A caller from Court Street in Weaverville reports unknown suspects came on his property last night and stole items from his yard.

A deputy reports assisting the BLM with a call of shots fired in the Steiner Flat Camp. No one was located at the camp who heard shots.

Aug. 7

A caller reports a subject has been “camping out” at the front door on Main Street and keeps ringing the bell. She told him to leave several times and he won’t. Subject was admonished to leave and given a trespass warning.

A caller reports a person in a black pickup breaking into vehicles on Denny Road. Caller just wants it stopped, it is not happening currently. Information will be forwarded to patrol for extra coverage when available.

A caller reports while camping in the area of the Josephine Mining Company, Denny, their vehicle was broken into and multiple items taken valued at around $2,500.

A caller reports while pulling into Redding this morning she lost her brakes, and a mechanic confirmed they were tampered with.

A warrant arrest is made on Morgan Hill Road in Hayfork.

Aug. 8

A caller reports seeing a plume of smoke across the highway from Highway 3 and 13 Dips Road. Per firefighter, the fire is contained and in mop up, about a half-acre and one outbuilding burned.

Officers report code violations in Junction City on Guinea Lane, Upper Road and Caprine Road.

Burglary is reported to a business on Nugget Lane in Weaverville. Front door was kicked in.

Vandalism is reported in Hyampom.

On Mad River Road in Ruth, caller reports he came home to his cabin and it was broken into, several items stolen, and the house ransacked. Knives, chainsaws and other items of high value were taken.

Domestic violence is reported in Hayfork.

Aug. 9

A caller reports violation of a protective order. Caller says subject continues to contact people to try and gather information on her. When she returned home there was a vehicle parked in front with four men who started laughing and drove away pretending they were shooting her out the window.

Cultivation is reported at Forest Road in Hyampom.

A caller reports seeing brush on fire at Deer Lick Springs Road in Douglas City as she passed heading toward Weaverville.

Aug. 10

A vegetation fire is reported on Highway 3, Trinity Center. Fire was knocked down, no additional resources needed.

A caller reports seeing smoke a half to third of the way up the hill north of him, in the area of North Fork and Swift Creek Trinity Center. Coffee Creek and Trinity Center fire checked area, unable to locate fire.

Child abuse is reported.

A trespasser is reported at Dollar General. She tells officer she wishes to speak to store manager regarding false report of shoplifting.

Aug. 11

A caller reports one subject punched another in the face. Caller does not know if they are still at the bar on Main Street in Weaverville.

On Lower Mill Street in Weaverville, a caller reports a female locked inside a car with another subject. Caller heard her yelling she couldn’t get out. Officer advises it was verbal only, subjects were counseled and separated.

A caller reports a subject was assaulted at the Hayfork Fair. They don’t want charges.

Child abuse is reported.

A vegetation fire is reported in the wilderness at Ruth. A caller reports a fire a half-mile up the Ridge from Journey’s End.

A caller reports her father missing from the Lewiston area. He was kicked out of a location and was going to live in his car with his cat. His vehicle was located parked in a turnout on the side of Trinity Dam Boulevard, locked and no signs of her father.

On South Miner Street in Weaverville, a caller reports finding a bag with a white powdery substance. Officer collects item, report pending.

A missing adult is reported, possibly at Lewiston or Trinity Lake.

There were 18 calls for medical aid for the week.

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